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Student Membership

Student membership is an important pathway to demonstrate affiliation and engagement within the industry. Holding a student membership with ACA demonstrates to organisations that offer counselling student placements a commitment to meeting and upholding industry standards.

How Much Does Student Membership Cost?

Student members will receive a 50% discount off their first year's student membership if they are attending an ACA accredited course. It is only $50.00 for the first year and then $100 for each year after.

Student $100 upgrade discount on full practising membership

Once you have completed your ACA accredited course and ready to upgrade to a practising membership, you will be eligible for a $100 discount. The discount applies to student membership upgrades to Level 1 or 2 with $100 off membership fees for the first 12 months. Discount will only apply if your student membership has not expired at the time of upgrade.

Student Membership is available to persons enrolled in an ACA accredited/approved course of study at a minimum Diploma (AQF level 5 or 6) or higher education level (AQF level 7, 8 or 9).

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