The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) is a National progressive professional peak association of counsellors and psychotherapists with over 11,000 individual members


Chapter meetings

The role of chapters is to provide members with a forum to meet like-minded people and discuss the industry, professional and other relevant issues. Chapters advise ACA of any particular issues that need addressing and provide ACA with a local base from which to approach local and state governments and organisations about professional issues.

All ACA members are asked to consider joining their local chapter, as they are an excellent networking avenue. By joining and becoming proactive, attendees have the opportunity to network and engage with like-minded professionals while gaining insight into professional counselling.

Attendance at Chapter Meetings also attracts Ongoing Professional Development points. Any group supervision can be counted towards professional supervision, making chapter attendance a cost-effective way of attaining OPD and professional supervision. More information is available within the ACA OPD Policy and ACA Supervision Policy. Chapters support and promote ACA in their geographic area and wherever possible promulgate information on behalf of their association and ACA.

Chapter meetings are to address issues relevant to professional counselling only; they are not to be misused to promote political or commercial self-interest.

To view Chapter meetings and register for an upcoming event, please view the available link:

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