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Counselling Australia is Australia’s premiere journal for counsellors/psychotherapists with a rich 12 year publishing history. Counselling Australia informs professionals with the latest research and industry news, also serving as a platform for peer reviewed articles.

Counselling Australia is an easy to read journal with a magazine style layout. Whilst being informative for professionals, it provides advertisers the ideal vehicle to inform readers of products, services and training opportunities within the industry.

Counselling Australia provides quality content for researchers to students to mental health consumers. Counselling Australia’s readership base is in excess of 8,000 per edition, extending to tens of thousands across electronic editions.

Counselling Australia is delivered in full colour, high quality gloss paper copy. Back issues can be accessed electronically in PDF.

Published quarterly, Counselling Australia can be accessed through a low cost subscription, which is tax deductible for those working in the industry.


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