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ACA Level 1-4 Registered Members are eligible to be NDIS providers in all States and Territories

The NDIS Commission oversees provider registration in all states and territories, except WA.

Please read the NDIS Commission's Provider Information Pack.

ACA is aware that the process to apply to be a provider under the NDIS Commission is time consuming and potentially very expensive - we advise our members to find out about requirements and costs prior to applying. The process appears to be aimed principally at organisations rather private practitioners.

All applicants are required to go through a Quality Audit by one of the Approved Auditors. There WILL be costs incurred as part of the audit.

Providers should be prepared to market their services to potential NDIS clients to ensure that the effort and expense of registration with the NDIS Commission is worth your while.

How to apply to be an NDIS Provider

To register as a provider, it is a requirement of the NDIS that you to have training that is government accredited. Further information here:

List of downloadable resources:

Flowchart Unregistered NDIS providers Download
The NDIS Code of Conduct Download
NDIS Provider Obligations Download
NDIS Report Writing Tips Download
NDIS Price Guide Download
NDIS Practice Standards Download
Provider Information Pack Download

Last updated and accurate as at May 2022

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