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Counselling Australia is accepting articles and papers for publication.
If you would like to contribute please send your article(s) to [email protected]
Articles and papers should meet the following criteria.

Articles for peer review (refereed):

  • Submitted with a covering page requesting a peer review.
  • The body of the paper must not identify the author.
  • Two assessors who will advise the editor on the appropriateness of the article for publication will read refereed articles.
  • Articles may be returned for rewording, clarification for correcting prior to being accepted.
  • Attach a separate page noting your name experience, qualifications and contact details.
  • Articles are to contain between 1500 and 5000 words in length.
  • Articles are to be submitted in MS Word format via email.
  • Articles are to be single-spaced, 12 font and with minimal formatting.


  • References (APA format preferred) are required to support arguments and personal opinions and should be listed alphabetically.
  • Case studies must have a signed agreement by the client attached to the article for permission for publication. Clients must not be identifiable in the article.
  • The author must seek permission to quote from, or reproduce, copyright material from other sources and acknowledge this in the article.
  • All articles are subject to our editing process and all authors will be advised of any necessary changes and sent a copy prior to the proofing of the journal for publication.
  • Authors are to notify the editor if their article has been published prior to submission to Counselling Australia.
  • Only original articles that have not been published elsewhere will be peer reviewed.
  • Counselling Australia accepts no responsibility for the content of articles, manuscripts, photographs, artwork, or illustrations for unsolicited articles.


The deadline for articles and reviewed articles is the 25th January, April, July and October. The sooner articles and papers are submitted the more likely they are to be published in the next cycle.

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