The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) is a National progressive professional peak association of counsellors and psychotherapists with over 11,000 individual members

De-registered Counsellors

De-registered Counsellors

Members of the Australian Counselling Association are required to uphold high ethical, moral and practice standards. These standards are outlined in the ACA Member Application, ACA Code of Ethics and ACA Constitution, and are overseen by the ACA Complaints Committee and ACA Board.

As an industry, Counselling sets a very high ethical standard and has a low prevalence of breach, thus representing an extremely low risk to the public. There are however instances where breaches of the high standards set by ACA occur. In these instances, the individuals found to have breached standards, are transparently listed on the ACA Member De-registration list. The intent of this process is to inform the public of the breach as an additional safety net.

Membership # Name Status State De-registration Date
14473 Shyamala Rao De-registered NSW 09/02/2023
6000 Ms Bali (Inbal) Sofer De-registered VIC 23/02/2022
3128 Mr Raj Prasad De-registered NSW 16/04/2020
4662 Monica Peers De-registered VIC 27/10/2010
9648 Gregory Charles Bentley De-registered QLD 03/06/2016
2844 Linda Cross De-registered NSW 29/07/2008
5283 Dawn Dickinson De-registered VIC 30/06/2008
5463 Martin Peake De-registered VIC 12/12/2011
6541 Doug Scells De-registered QLD 27/02/2009
9577 Steve Gunther De-registered NSW 05/05/2011
8418 Tricia Hodges De-registered QLD 20/05/2010
3468 Assoc Prof Alan Huggins De-registered WA 02/02/2009
5255 David Kaye De-registered NSW 15/10/2014
2557 Maureen Tully De-registered ACT 07/02/2001
N/A John Warncken De-registered VIC 17/08/2000
3504 Joseph Craig Wilmott De-registered NSW 7/02/2006
5113 David Citer De-registered NSW 21/10/2018
4547 Sarah Diggle De-registered VIC 01/07/2019
5187 Gwenda Logan De-registered QLD 03/12/2012
6891 Peter Charles Searson De-registered QLD 28/09/2012
3362 Rob Scott De-registered QLD 22/07/2010

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