The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) is a National progressive professional peak association of counsellors and psychotherapists with over 5,000 individual members

Professional Colleges

Counselling Hypnotherapist

Pre-requisite to join the ACA College of Hypnotherapists: Must be a Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 member of ACA

Qualifications for Membership to ACA College of Hypnotherapists (COH):

To be eligible to apply for admittance you must hold a recognised Australian qualification in Hypnotherapy.

Overseas qualifications will be assessed individually.

The ACA COH is only open to ACA full members who meet the additional following criteria:

  • Hold a Diploma or higher qualification in Hypnotherapy; or
  • Are current members of or meet the eligibility criteria to join the Australian Society Clinical Hypnotherapy


  • Hold an International qualification in Hypnotherapy; these will be assessed on an individual basis.
  • Must be a minimum Level 1 ACA Member.
  • Hold a minimum of a Diploma in Hypnotherapy: or
  • a) be a full member of the Australian Society Clinical Hypnotherapy (ASCH); or
    b) be eligible for membership to the ASCH

  • Complete 25 Points of ACA approved Ongoing Professional Development per annum of which a minimum of 10 points must be directly related to the College.

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Member Associations

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