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    Alcohol & Other Drugs

    To become a member of the Alcohol and Other Drugs College you must meet the following criteria:

    • Must be a level 2, 3 or 4 current ACA member.
    • Must have completed a Nationally Accredited Training Course in Alcohol & Other Drugs (Certificate IV) or a Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs.
    • After joining the CAOD, complete 25 points of ACA approved Ongoing Professional Development per annum of which a minimum of 10 points must be directly related to Alcohol & Other Drugs.

    Please attach the following documents to support your application:

    1. Certified (by a JP) copy of your specialist course qualification and transcript of training.
    2. A statutory declaration stating how many client contact hours post qualification you have attained and in what period of time.
    3. A letter from your Supervisor/s stating how many hours of supervision you have received as an Alcohol and Other Drugs Therapist. Included in the letter, your supervisor is required to outline their qualifications and any affiliations or memberships to relevant professional bodies.
    4. Copy of current certificate of insurance if in Private Practice.
    5. A statutory declaration with the following statement: “I do solemnly and sincerely declare that all statements made by me in this ACA CAOD admittance application, are true and correct in every particular, and that all qualifications, client contact hours and supervision quoted therein, and all other documents attached to this ACA CAOD admittance application are capable of independent verification”.

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