The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) is a National progressive professional peak association of counsellors and psychotherapists with over 11,000 individual members

Professional Development

OPD Overview

ACA members are required to undertake a minimum of 25-hours of relevant Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) each year. OPD is the process through which members improve and broaden their skills, knowledge and expertise, and develop the qualities required for professional practice.

Members can attain their OPD through a diverse range of options including ACA Endorsed OPD Activities (listed here); or through non-endorsed activities that are relevant to professional practice. OPD for non-endorsed activities is assessed upon submission.

Examples of OPD include eLearning (online courses), conferences, courses, seminars and workshops. Supervision is not counted toward ongoing professional development.

Recording of OPD is done online on your Member Portal. Upon renewal of your annual membership an electronic audit is conducted to ensure you have attained your annual OPD requirement.

Please click here to view the ACA OPD Policy.

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