Technology Update: Telehealth

Article from: Counselling Australia Journal: Volume 23: Number 2 – Winter 2022 

Telehealth has been thrust into the mainstream since the COVID-19 pandemic limited physical access for many essential healthcare services. This created much-needed change in telehealth services – now with more people, from any location, having timely access to a broader number of healthcare services.

Bespoke telehealth software Coviu is one of the most widely used telehealth solutions in Australia, with over 90,000 practitioners using the software – but there are many other options for health providers. General video platforms like Teams and Zoom offer reliable and easy-to-use video solutions, and bespoke telehealth solutions such as Cliniko are tailored to suit health professionals.

We asked Coviu, the platform that has conducted over seven million consultations, to share tips for choosing a telehealth video platform.

Questions to ask when choosing a telehealth video platform:

  1. What function do I need this for now and in the future? Thinking about your goals in each subsequent step is important.
  2. Can I afford it now and into the future? What pricing options are provided?
  3. Can I try before I commit? Does the platform offer free trials?
  4. Does it meet Australian relevant laws and legislations? Check privacy and information security requirements at the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.
  5. Where is the data stored?
  6. Does it have the features and tools you need to conduct consultations?
  7. Does it work on the devices you use?
  8. Is the system regularly enhanced?
  9. Is there adequate support? Are users kept well informed about changes or issues?
  10. What is the uptime and availability like of the system? How fast is the system to use?
  11. What is the usability like? Is it easy to use without training?

Information for health providers about telehealth

Telehealth guidance for allied health professionals – Allied Health Professions Australia

Checklist for telehealth services – Australian Government

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