Dr Cosimo Chiera

Dr Cosimo Chiera

Bio and Qualifications:

Dr Chiera has a PhD in Mathematics from RMIT University, is an Associate of RMIT University and is currently a subject specialist with Chisolm Institute. He also has significant corporate experience at senior management level. To this end Dr Chiera’s specialty is in designing metrics pertinent to organisational and personal change. Dr Chiera also grew-up embedded within a Calabrian-Australian honour culture thus bringing first-hand experience to this topic.

Together Drs Edwards and Chiera collaborate under the auspices of Natural Intelligence Pty. Ltd. They have a number of peer-reviewed publications which consider the role of virtue in personal change and have spoken at a variety of national and international conferences. Dr Edwards has also spoken to a national audience on ABC RN about the virtue of forgiveness. A full list of publications can be found at http://www.naturalintelligence.com.au/model.html. In addition, Drs Edwards and Chiera are presently publishing a book with Australian Academic Press on the use of virtue in mental health, including a chapter devoted to honour.

Finally, the present work is being operationalised in the community with prominent partner organisations. Indeed, the work has been deemed so important that the Federal Member for LaTrobe, Mr Jason Wood MP, has championed it and spoken of it in the House of Representatives (August 22nd, 2018).