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Event Details - RESEARCH BASED SKILLS TRAINING FOR HEALING WOUNDED COUPLES. A one-day skills training for practical application based on Gottmans research.

Title: RESEARCH BASED SKILLS TRAINING FOR HEALING WOUNDED COUPLES. A one-day skills training for practical application based on Gottmans research.
Type of Activity: Workshops & Seminars
Objective of Course / Workshop:

Learning objectives:

  1. Becoming familiar with significant approaches to couple therapy and how recent research has revealed their limitations.
  2. Learn techniques that improve couples’ communication and satisfaction by:

a. Learning to replace ‘The Big Four’ with positive interactions.

b. Applying techniques that truly heal: past wounds, fights, misunderstandings etc. 

c. Helping couples to understand each other’s feelings and perceptions around harmful events and developing a plan to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

d. Becoming familiar with gentle conflict management skills that the therapist can instruct a couple to utilise.

e. Acquiring skills to support couples in strengthening intimacy, connection and sexual satisfaction

Course / Workshop Outline:

Morning Session (includes 15 minute morning tea break) 

  • Introduction to the days training.
  • Strongly believed ideas about couples therapy undermined by research.
  • Research based interventions.
  • The four big predictors of relationship demise: Gottman’s ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ – Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling.
  • The impact of positive interactions; the “Yes, Dear” phenomenon etc.

Afternoon Session (includes 15 minute afternoon tea break) 

Past wounds infect the present; applying techniques that truly heal. 

Dealing with fights and woundings:

  • using a structured dialogue. 
  • understanding each other’s feelings and perceptions about the event.
  • Developing a plan for preventing similar incidents occurring in the future.

Replacing Gottman’s Big Four (‘The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse’- criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling) with positive interactions.

Gentle conflict management skills:

  • Teaching couples how to take a break when in high emotional states.
  • Engagement versus stonewalling.
  • Learning healthy alternatives to criticism and contempt.
  • Antidote to defensiveness is taking responsibility.

Strengthening intimacy and connection:

  • Establishing rituals of connection.
  • Using open ended questions to maintain emotional closeness.
  • Maintaining deep companionship is the key to good sex. `

Evaluation and closing.

OPD points: 5
Course / Workshop content:

This practical one-day training workshop begins with a brief review of historical approaches to couples therapy and how research has revealed the ineffectiveness in those approaches. Ari will then present some of Gottman’s (leading couples therapy researcher) findings about destructive patterns in couple relationships and their predictive validity as well as those aspects that enhance satisfying and enduring relationships.

The emphasis of this training; however, is on healing wounded/dysfunctional relationships using research-based techniques. This includes changing the “Big Four” (criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling) that lead to relationship demise to positive interactions that enhance relationship satisfaction. This will include teaching couples how and when to take a break and rather than just learning to apply conflict management skills, participants will also learn to maximise its effectiveness.

Ari will include methods for healing past wounds with healthy alternatives to fighting. He will also teach methods for strengthening intimacy and connection which contributes to good sex. This will include stressing the use of open-ended questions and helping couples to create rituals - ways of being together that are comforting and reassuring. Participants will learn by lecture, demonstration, exercises and role plays.

This training may qualify for Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) CPD. Please refer to the Dept. of Health website for more information. 

Start/End Date: 11/10/2019 to 11/10/2019
Time: 09:30:00 - 16:30:00
Presenter / Provider: Ari Badaines PhD for PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PEOPLE
Contact Name: The Program Director
Contact Phone: 1300 887 622
Contact Email:
Qualifications: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology. Registered Clinical Psychologist, NSW.

Dr Ari Badaines is a clinical psychologist who trained in the United States. He obtained a Post-doctoral fellowship with the National Institute of Mental Health in 1980 where he studied group therapy and Family and Couple Therapy. Later he did further training at the Institute for Family Therapy in London. Ari did additional training workshops and he then began presenting workshops on Sexual Problems: Assessment and Treatment in the UK and Australia. These were well-received and dynamic in their style. He was twice a keynote speaker for the annual conference of Marriage Guidance Counsellors (now Relationships) in the UK. In 2015, Ari led a two-day workshop for The Psychological Society of Ireland on ‘Action Techniques with Individuals and Couples’ which was so positively received that he was invited back to present on couples therapy in 2016. He is renowned as an engaging and popular presenter for PDP and other European organisations.

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