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Professional Development


Type of Activity: Workshops & Seminars
Objective of Course / Workshop:

Over these five weekends it is intended that you will:

  1. Gain heightened awareness of body focused cues in interpersonal communication.
  2. Develop a greater sense of ways in which using your own body in relationship can increase the possibility of a positive therapeutic outcome.
  3. Develop a sense of therapeutic touch with words, energy, and physical contact. Increase your ability to create touch outcomes without making physical contact. Increase your ability to determine the most effective ways of making therapeutic contact with particular clients.
  4. Learn to use a theoretical framework of; noticing, focusing, facilitating, allowing and completing process.
  5. Develop a deeper understanding of and techniques for working with early attachment injury and trauma.
Course / Workshop Outline:

Weekend Outline


  1. Introduction to, and initial exploration of Body Focused Counselling.
  2. Structure and Alignment in Body Process. Exploring Character structure. 
  3. Attachment and Body, Theory and Therapeutic Practice. 
  4. Working with Trauma.
  5. Ongoing Process and Relational Intervention.

The weekends will be in workshop format with the use of structured exercises, demonstrations, and practice of body focus skills with other group members. There will be two highly experienced assistants supporting the group as well.

The goal will be to develop and heighten each participant’s observation  skills and responsiveness to the client at the “somatic” level and then to creatively use this awareness in body focused interventions.

The theory underlying this model, both its history and current formulation, will be provided in readings and bibliography for participants to develop outside the training weekend time.

Between the weekends participants will be offered guidelines to respectfully practice their new learning in their counselling work.


OPD points: 10
Course / Workshop content:

A program covering five weekends, introducing and crafting Body Focused Counselling Skills for practitioners.


offers a unique opportunity to combine aspects of two streams in counselling, those that are language based and those that focus directly upon the body. Two highly experienced practitioners and course facilitators from each of these traditions, Doug Sotheren and Lisa Frese, collaborate and provide you with profound learning experiences in the relational approach to body Psychotherapy that is now gaining wide recognition.

The new emphasis arising out of recent neuroscience and trauma research has opened both the recognition and re-finding of the emotions, attachment, and the body for practitioners.

These five weekends provide an opportunity for counsellors to explore the potential for working directly with body processes, using appropriate interventions ranging through therapeutic touch, energetic focus and somatic awareness as part of their counselling work with individuals and couples.

2019 DATES

16 - 17 March

13-14 April

4 - 5 May

22 - 23 June

20 - 21 July

Start/End Date: 16/03/2019 to 21/07/2019
Time: 09:30:00 - 16:30:00
Presenter / Provider: Doug Sotheren, Lisa Frese and Dr Werner Sattmann-Frese
Contact Name: Lisa Frese
Contact Phone: 02 9281 9251 or 0424 566 692
Contact Email:
Qualifications: Doug Sotheren B.A., M.Th., Dip. R.E., CCA, GAICD. Lisa Frese - B.Ed.

 Doug Sotheren first trained as a relationship counsellor in 1970 – 1973. He has undertaken further training in Gestalt and Family Therapy. In the late 1980’s he developed an interest in body focused, or somatic models of counselling and has undertaken further training in this field. For eight years, from 1973, he operated a counselling centre in Western Sydney and then was involved in the creation of the LifeCare Counselling Service in Sydney. In 1989 he began a private practice as a Counsellor/Therapist, and human relations consultant on the NSW Central Coast.

Doug’s experience includes over 30,000 hours of counselling and thousands of hours of intensive clinical supervision and group training for counsellors and other health professional throughout Australia. He is a Clinical Member and Registered Supervisor of the Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors and a Registered Clinical Member of the Christian Counsellors Association.

Doug has a B.A. in Sociology and a M.Th. with focus on the family systems.


Lisa Frese (B.Ed.) Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Lisa originally trained as a nurse and teacher, completed the body-psychotherapy training with the Boyesen Foundation in Europe in 1988. She has been in private practice in Sydney since 1989 and is now living and practising in Ultimo and on the Central Coast. She is a full member of PACFA. Lisa practices Somatic Psychotherapy and Counselling using Biodynamic Massage and other techniques. She works with deep levels of early trauma, abuse and neglect, putting

a lot of emphasis on the therapeutic relationship. She has worked as a trainer in the course 'Therapeutic Touch and Body Process' at the Australian College of Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy with Jeff Barlow for eight years and has run the Body-Focused Counselling Course with Doug for ten years.

Dr Werner Sattmann-Frese, an experienced Somatic Psychotherapist and Educator will be involved in the course by giving a lecture.

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Parking: Free
Is there disability parking and entry? No
Are meals included with this event? Yes
If yes, what meals? Morning and afternoon tea provided
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Cost ($): $2,200 (incl. GST)
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A deposit of $150 secures your place in the course.

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