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Event Details - Tough Conversations for Frontline Staff | Campbelltown

Title: Tough Conversations for Frontline Staff | Campbelltown
Type of Activity: Workshops & Seminars
Objective of Course / Workshop:

Tough Conversations for Frontline Staff is a one-day course for frontline of a school, council or service organisation to manage difficult, emotional encounters with members of the public. 

This workshop provides the practical elements and skills for effectively dealing with offensive behaviour as it arises and what to say to defuse strong emotions. 

Attendees will see video examples of both poorly conducted conversations and, by contrast, more effective conversations.

What’s included:

  • Training in how to conduct difficult conversations using a script to achieve accountability
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • A terrific opportunity to spend time with other child protection workers

Please note that this is not a train-the-trainer course and it is not designed for the subsequent on-training of other workers back at your workplace. Participants will sign a training agreement to this effect on the day of training.

Course / Workshop Outline:

Course Outline

The course teaches a method to:

  • Identify and clearly articulate the strengths and deficits in parents’ caring capacity so that parents have a clear future work plan.
  • Comprehensively gather information for holding a factual tough conversation so that as many facts (as can be reasonably gathered) can be brought to bear in conversations with parents.
  • Defuse antagonism during a tough conversation while holding a firm line.
  • Identify the important ‘dashboard’ markers for parents so that everyone has clarity about what is expected within a given timespan.    

Run Times

8.30am          Registration

9.00am          Course commencement

11.00am        Morning Tea

1.00pm          Lunch

3.00pm          Afternoon Coffee Break

4.30pm          Course Conclusion

OPD points: 5
Course / Workshop content:

Lesson Framework

  • Reasonable expectations to hold about a persons ability to exert self-control so that you can respond appropriately.
  • An understanding of what constitutes ‘normal’ versus ‘abnormal’ in behaviour.
  • How to describe a problem using a template approach.
  • Important conflict resolution one-liners to recall when managing a tough conversation.
  • What the research is saying about great customer service and satisfaction.
  • What you can do to assist someone to regain control.
  • How to factually and reliably record an incident in the case of further reporting.
  • Practise at completing the re-useable worksheets.
Start/End Date: 13/11/2019 to 13/11/2019
Time: 08:30:00 - 16:30:00
Presenter / Provider: Michael Hawton, MAPS | Parentshop
Contact Name: Parentshop Pty Ltd
Contact Phone: 1300738278
Contact Email:
Qualifications: Psychologist, Teacher

Michael Hawton is a psychologist, trained teacher and author. He has worked as an expert witness in The Family Court of Australia and The NSW Children’s Court. He is a highly experienced mediator and has developed several nationally recognised parenting, practitioner and teacher PD courses. These programs have been taught to over 110,000 professionals, parents and teachers since 2006.

Our dynamic and engaging presenters have been sourced from a variety of professions and bring with them years of practical experience within their chosen field.

Address: 20-22 Camden Road
Address 2:
Suburb: Campbelltown
State: NSW
Postcode: 2560
Parking: Free
Is there disability parking and entry? Yes
Are meals included with this event? Yes
If yes, what meals? Morning / Afternoon Tea & Lunch
Registration URL:
Cost ($): See below
Registration Instruction (if applicable):

Courses start from $330 for early bird registrations.

Morning tea and lunch are provided, typically starting at 8.30am finishing at 4.30pm.

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