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Event Details - Integrated Evidence-Based Approaches to Working with Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder

Title: Integrated Evidence-Based Approaches to Working with Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder
Type of Activity: Workshops & Seminars
Objective of Course / Workshop:
  • Master essential characteristics of BPD and recognize critical features of BPD disrupting treatment in various levels of care.
  • Refine Diagnostic Skills and Develop language to educate your clients about their diagnosis.
  • Understand key differential diagnosis considerations.
  • Learn the role co-occurring disorders play in treatment failures.
  • Identify 8 Motivations for parasuicidal/self-injurious behaviour and appropriate interventions for each.
  • Evaluate the efficacy of various modalities including DBT, CBT and Schema Therapy and implement the most effective strategies from each.
  • Develop a multimodal approach to BPD that involves short-term symptom management skills as well as long-term treatment strategies. 



Course / Workshop Outline:
OPD points: 5
Course / Workshop content:

Attend this workshop and join a leading expert in the field of BPD, Dr Jeff Riggenbach, as he presents a multimodal approach to managing and treating this client population.  Leave this enjoyable and information packed seminar with a new ability to help struggling individuals deal with issues related to self-harm, multiple suicide attempts, frequently hurt feelings, intense and unpredictable mood swings, shame, trauma, toxic relationships and other problems that impair their ability to function in society.  You will leave this workshop equipped with techniques to assist these clients you no longer need to experience as difficult, frustrating, and exhausting.

Borderline personality disorder is widely considered the most difficult to treat diagnosis faced by the mental health community.  Co-occurring BPD characteristics are associated with treatment failure for a broad range of other conditions. Until recent years, many practitioners have considered the BPD diagnosis “untreatable” but the emerging research suggests this is simply not the case.  Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) has paved the way in pioneering new attitudes and outcomes when working with this condition.  Although components of DBT skills training are helpful for most, some individuals continue to respond poorly to treatment.  Many clients who suffer from BPD lack motivation, have poor insight, and some have deeply engrained dysfunctional beliefs, unhealthy coping skills, and destructive behavioural patterns that continue to frustrate providers, family members, and consumers alike.
There is hope.  Other evidence based approaches offer simple but powerful techniques to compliment DBT that help promote change at a deeper level in your most challenging clients.  Improving outcomes have prompted the DSM to recently note “prognosis for many patients with BPD is actually quite good.”  

Start/End Date: 22/05/2019 to 22/05/2019
Time: 09:00:00 - 17:00:00
Presenter / Provider: Jeff Riggenbach
Contact Name: Kieran Lee
Contact Phone: (08) 8221 6668
Contact Email:
Qualifications: PhD

Dr Jeff Riggenbach is one of the most sought after trainers in North America in the area of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and personality functioning. Jeff has devoted the last 17 years of his life to working with clients with various kinds of complex needs. He has developed and overseen Mood Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder treatment programs at two different psychiatric hospitals serving over 3,000 clients at multiple levels of care. Dr Riggenbach did post-doctoral training at the Beck Institute of Cognitive Therapy and Research in Philadelphia, is a Diplomat of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, and has presented in all 50 United States, Mexico, and Canada on topics related to CBT, DBT, and Schema Focused Therapy and Personality Dysfunction. He is on faculty of educational institutes in the US, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Dr Riggenbach has authored two books. His best-seller, The CBT Toolbox: A Workbook for Clients and Clinicians, was recently named one of the 30 best self- help books for depression. His recently published BPD Toolbox: A Practical Evidence-Based Guide to Regulating Intense Emotions, won two Benjamin Franklin awards for being among the best books in the categories of psychology and self-help. Jeff is known for bridging the gap between academia, research findings and day-to-day practical application and his seminars receive the highest evaluations in terms of quality of information as well as entertainment value.

Address: Next Gen Memorial Drive
Address 2: Memorial Drive
State: SA
Postcode: 5006
Parking: Paid
Is there disability parking and entry? No
Are meals included with this event? Yes
If yes, what meals? Morning / Afternoon Tea & Lunch
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Cost ($): 358
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