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Event Details - Sandtray Therapy Practitioner Training

Title: Sandtray Therapy Practitioner Training
Type of Activity: Relevant Course Work
Objective of Course / Workshop:

Opengate Institute is the leading provider of training in Integrative Sand Therapy. We offer practitioners the opportunity to Specialise in Sandtray Therapy using an integrative approach.

The course learning objectives include practical application, this means hands in the sand, role plays, techniques working across the life span, awareness of metaphors as a sand language, importance of the role of therapist, supervision, group work, strategies, cultural sensitivity and cross theoretical application.

Learning Outcomes include;

  • Define Integrative Sand therapies applications
  • Integrative Sand Therapy as a cross-theoretical approach
  • Link theories to own practice
  • Understanding Interpersonal neurobiology  
  • Conducting Integrative Sand therapy sessions 
  • Apply client support & well-being including code of ethics & practice standards 
  • Lega, ethical and confidentiality
  • Understand the therapist’s own needs 
  • Evaluate Sand therapy sessions 
  • Apply knowledge to practical application
  • Plan & Facilitate group sessions 
  • Understanding how to use integrative sand therapies for supervision
  • Reflective Practice
Course / Workshop Outline:

Students will be required to purchaseSandtray Therapy: A Practical Manual eBook: Linda E. Homeyer, Daniel S. Sweeney. The Integrative Sand Therapy Workbook is included in the training.

Course Modules

Module1 STA1 Interpersonal Neurobiology, Theory & Application Working with Children. Online Learning/online assessment approx. 24 hrs learning required

Module 2 CST2 – Conduct Sandtray Therapy. Classroom learning 2 days with online assessment. This module requires work placement of 20 hours of client contact

Module 3 STG3 - Plan and provide Sandtray therapy in a group setting. Classroom learning 2 days with online assessment.

Module 4  CMS4 – Conclude and Monitor Session. Classroom learning 2 days with online assessment.

Module 5  CSF5 Sandtray Therapy Work within a clinical supervision framework. Classroom learning 2 days with online assessment. This module includes 4 hours of supervision to go towards ACA required hours.

Module 6 RST6 Reflect on and Improve own Professional Practice. Online learning with online assessment.

Training Days Classroom

Begin - 9.00am 

Break - 11.00am 15 mins

Lunch - 12.30 pm Half Hour

Break  - 3 pm 15 mins

End Session  - 5.30 pm

Total Hours of Blended Learning 144, plus 20 hours of client contact.


OPD points: 10
Course / Workshop content:

Specialist Sandtray Therapy Practitioner Accreditation requires students to understand the fundamentals, practical application and processes of applying integrative sand therapy to counselling and psychotherapy practice. Students will learn:

  • How to set up Integrative Sand Therapy practice
  • Which facilities and resources are required to practice Integrative Sand Therapy across the lifespan
  • Cross-theoretical approaches applied to Integrative Sand Therapy & specific client issues
  • How to analyse individual sand worlds using theoretical concepts 
  • Understand the legal, ethical & confidentiality 
  • Importance of supervision
  • Working with groups
  • Non-verbal language of the sand tray miniatures
  • Reflective practice
  • Report writing

RPL is available and each module is available as a standalone module for skills update.

Start/End Date: 20/03/2020 to 15/08/2020
Time: 09:00:00 - 17:30:00
Presenter / Provider: Fiona Werle, Opengate Institute
Contact Name: Melissa Morgan
Contact Phone: 0428825059
Contact Email:
Qualifications: Integrative Sand Therapy Trainer and Supervisor

Fiona is CEO of Opengate Institute, training and advocates for Integrative Sand Therapy in Australia. As leaders in their field, Opengate Institute collaborates with other industry professionals and our main aim and purpose is to provide students with a united and accredited training program. 

Fiona is peer reviewed with her article has appearing in July 2019 addition ACA Journal - Sandtray Therapy as a Cross-theoretical Approach to Counselling & Psychotherapy – Following a Summary of the 21 ‘Blue Knot’ Foundation’s Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Trauma and Trauma Informed Care and Service Deliver.

Fiona is registered professional trainer and assessor, member of the College of Supervisors ACA and member of the World Association of Sand Therapy and board member for their credentialing sector.

Fiona is the resident Integrative Sand Therapist at Opengate Institute a purpose-designed facility for training, where she works with clients of all ages and abilities and is an NDIS provider.

Fiona and her colleagues have presented a workshop on Sandtray at the International ACA conference in Brisbane and will continue to present at ACA conferences Australia wide.


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Suburb: Goonellabah
State: NSW
Postcode: 2480
Parking: Free
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Are meals included with this event? No
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Cost ($): $3,300
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