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Event Details - Resilience Fundamentals in Sydney

Title: Resilience Fundamentals in Sydney
Type of Activity: Workshops & Seminars
Objective of Course / Workshop:

The IRIS model of resilience believes that there are two core factors that help us better understand ourselves and develop a resilient mindset™:

  1. How accurately we interpret the world around us (thinking styles); and
  2. How well we can adapt our own behaviour in different situations (behavioural flexibility)

Resilience Fundamentals is a personal skills development program designed to promote one’s own resilience – the ability to remain focused, on-task and in problem-solving mode – in the face of workplace adversities like change, ambiguity and uncertainty.

Through a process of retrospective learning participants will…

  • Become aware of negative thinking and self-limiting responses;
  • Build the mental strength to navigate their way through life’s crises;
  • Learn to cope with grief and anxiety;
  • Overcome barriers that get in the way of building solid relationships;
  • Master the art of realistic optimism; and
  • Identify with the strengths of authentic happiness. 

Course / Workshop Outline:

The workshop day is as follows:

Registration: 30-minutes

Introduction: 30-minutes

The usual hello how are you icebreaker process.

Resilience Foundations: 90-minutes

In this session participants are walked through a process of understanding how we think, the messages we interpret and how this affects our resilience (much of this is based on CBT and Narrative theories).

Morning Tea: 30-minutes

IRIS Strengths Theory: 90-minutes

This session breaks down the concept of the 8-Strengths of Resilience as developed by the International Resilience Institute Sydney and the role they play within our lives; as well as how some counteract one another and the like.  During this session, participants will be shared the results of their Resilience Factor Index so that they can a stronger base for solid retrospective learning in the afternoon sessions.

Open Forum: 30-minutes

This session is a time for people to engage in some “yes-but” thinking with opportunities to challenge the theory and gain greater insight.

Lunch: 60-minutes

IRIS Strengths Development: 120-minutes

This session is highly interactive and games based driven – it is a time to go explore the theoretical principles of the morning session through a series of group interactions.

Afternoon Tea: 30-minutes

Self-Care and Planning: 90-minutes

This session indulges in the acknowledged importance in the schools of resilience of actively taking self-care steps in life.  It introduces an action plan for which each participant develops for themselves

OPD points: 5
Course / Workshop content:

The program is internationally respected and the only course of its type in Australasia.  On the day, you will gain from the insights of the only work scientifically proven to boost the resilience of individuals in the workforce.  IRIS RESILIENCE FUNDAMENTALS workshop is inspired by some of the great authors in this (and related) fields including such notable theorists as Albert Ellis, Tim Beck, Suniya Luthar, Richard Tedeschi, Lillian Comos-Diaz, Anthony Kidman and Karen Saakvitine. However, our program is most influenced by our readings into the works of Martin Seligman, Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatté (some mentors our team had the pleasure of tutoring under at the University of Pennsylvania some years back)…

Throughout the course of the day participants will be walked through the 8-Strengths of Resilience as developed by IRIS:

Strength 1 Making Connections

Strength 2 Managing Icebergs

Strength 3 Optimizing Your Thinking

Strength 4 Understanding Optimism (Accurate Thinking)

Strength 5 Keeping Perspective

Strength 6 Expressing Emotions

Strength 7 Applying Empathy

Strength 8 Choosing Your Battles

Start/End Date: 14/08/2019 to 14/08/2019
Time: 08:00:00 - 18:00:00
Presenter / Provider: Shane Warren & Kait Luker (International Resilience Institute Sydney)
Contact Name: Shane Warren
Contact Phone: 02-8213-2312
Contact Email:
Qualifications: Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Certified Practicing Hypnotherapist, Certified Practicing Coach

This event will be co-facilitated by Shane Warren and Kait Luker...

Shane is a registered psychotherapist, certified clinical supervisor, certified practicing hypnotherapist and certified practicing coach, with private practices in Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong. He is a Director of the International Resilience Institute Sydney and an internationally respected facilitator of leadership development programs within a resilience framework for multination corporations, not-for-profit groups and small businesses through the Asia-Pacific Region. Shane along with Drs Venkat Pulla and Andrew Shatte published 'Perspectives on Coping and Resilience' in 2013.

Kait is consultant in human resource leadership and organisational development with a strong background in health and emergency services. She also has a very busy coaching practice working closely with individuals and families affected by life-threatening illnesses. Kait works from a creative coaching model bringing her studies in medical science and fine art together.

Address: The Grace Hotel
Address 2: 77 York Street
Suburb: Sydney
State: NSW
Postcode: 2000
Parking: Paid
Is there disability parking and entry? Yes
Are meals included with this event? Yes
If yes, what meals? Morning / Afternoon Tea & Lunch
Registration URL:
Cost ($): $395
Registration Instruction (if applicable):

Early Bird $330

Full Fee: $395

Group rates apply...

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