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Event Details - The Food Mood Connection: Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health An Online Course for Mental Health Professionals

Title: The Food Mood Connection: Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health An Online Course for Mental Health Professionals
Type of Activity: Online Event
Objective of Course / Workshop:

There is a strong link between food and one’s mood. Yet, nutrition is often neglected in mental health treatment.

Fortunately, the time has come where mental health professionals are starting to pay more attention to how food impacts on mental health.

For this reason, the Mind Body Training Institute is excited to offer this online course to help ensure you don’t get left behind in the growing field of mental health and nutrition.

Course / Workshop Outline:

Module 1 - Introduction and Principles of Effective Treatment – 20 min.

Module 2 - Diet Essentials for Mental Health – 24 min.

Module 3 – Nutrition Ethics – 23 min.

Module 4 - Circadian Rhythm, Mental Health and Nutrition – 24 min.

Module 5 - Digestion and Mental Health – 15 min.

Module 6 - Culinary Medicine – Cooking for Your Mental Health – Part 1 – 24 min.

Module 7 - Culinary Medicine – Cooking for Your Mental Health – Part 2 – 19 min.

Module 8 – Natural Therapies for Mental Health – Part 1 – 21 min.

Module 9 - Natural Therapies for Mental Health – Part 2 – 25 min.

Bonus 1 – Dr. Brooke Myers Sorger - Improving Mood by Improving Nutrition – 50 min.

Bonus 2 – Dr. Paul Saladino - Healing Depression: A Functional Medicine Perspective – 60 min.

Bonus 3 – Amy Berger - Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer's with the Ketogenic Diet – 60 min.

Bonus 4 – Carrie Brown - Overcoming Bipolar II with the Ketogenic Diet and Nutrient Supplementation – 60 min.

Bonus 5 - Dr. Julia Rucklidge - How Micronutrients Aid in Mental Health

Bonus 6 - Frances Fuller - Orthomolecular Psychiatry

1-hour Live Q&A Webinar with Leslie Korn – 60 min.


An assessment (online quiz) must be completed successfully by each student in the Online Learning Center to receive a certificate of completion.

OPD points: 10
Course / Workshop content:

Benefits of taking this 8-hour online course including learning:

How nutrition impacts on mental health

The key principles of effective nutrition treatment for mental health

The best foods for sustaining excellent mental health

A new diet revolution that is helping people with severe depression

How physical health is linked to mental health

Ethical considerations when helping therapy clients improve their nutrition

Natural therapies for mental health

Culinary medicine and cooking for improving mental health

This course consists of:

3.25 hours of core training across 9 modules with Dr. Leslie Korn

4 hours of bonus interviews with nutritional and mental health experts on a range of mental health issue

A live 1-hour Q&A webinar with Dr. Korn where you can ask her questions about working with psychotherapy clients who have mental health and nutrition issues.

  • a comprehensive resource list
  • bonus recipes from Dr. Korn
  • a chapter from Dr. Korn’s book called, “The Second Brain: Trust Your Gut
  • Don’t be left behind on learning the importance of nutrition and mental health.
  • Registration period for this 8-hour online course is only between September 5-13, 2019.


Start/End Date: 05/09/2019 to 13/09/2019
Time: 00:00:00 - 23:30:00
Presenter / Provider: Dr. Leslie Korn
Contact Name: Clinton Power
Contact Phone: (02) 8968 9323
Contact Email:
Qualifications: PhD, Union Institute and University, Behavioral Medicine | MPH, Harvard School of Public Health, International Health | M.A., Lesley University, Cross Cultural Health Psychology and Education

Dr. Leslie Korn has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Medicine from the Union Institute, a MA in Cross Cultural Health Psychology from Lesley University, and a MPH from the Harvard School of Public Health. 

She was a Clinical Fellow at Harvard Medical School where she introduced somatic psychotherapy in the department of psychiatry and was in private practice in Boston for over 15 years before returning to the jungle of Mexico where she has worked for over 40 years. 

Dr. Korn is the author of 8 books on integrative mental health.

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State: N/A
Parking: No
Is there disability parking and entry? No
Are meals included with this event? No
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Cost ($): AUD $347 +GST
Registration Instruction (if applicable):

Registration for this course is only available from September 5-13, 2019 by clicking the link below:

If you visit the registration page prior to September 5, you're welcome to sign up for our free introductory training on mental health and nutrition with Dr. Korn.

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