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Event Details - EMDR & Ego-States through the IFS Lens

Title: EMDR & Ego-States through the IFS Lens
Type of Activity: Workshops & Seminars
Objective of Course / Workshop:

A two-full-day didactic & experiential workshop offering a specific view of ego-states, in the context of EMDR therapy through an IFS lens, regarding their ubiquitous appearance, defenses, & relational phenomena. A conceptual bridge is formed between the two models, yielding additional language to enrich therapist-client communication about the client’s internal process, and much more.

Understand the importance of Self-Presence and the co-presence or activation of a Target Part in relationship to the Self. Cultivate and maintain Functional Dual Attention in the Assessment & Desensitization Phases using measurement scales (beyond SUD & VOC) relating to Self-Energy, state-binding affect & protective intention. 

Alignment with Memory Reconsolidation research a la Coherence Therapy (Ecker, Ticic, Hully, 2013 Routledge) for additional precision in targeting underlying implicit memories, to increase the accuracy of identifying and elaborating appropriate positive and negative cognitions in the Assessment Phase.

Course / Workshop Outline:

Goals of this workshop:

1. Name one advantageous aspect of the IFS concept of Self that is not explicitly included in EMDR’s Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) system. 

2. Explain the relationship between Functional Dual Attention and Self-Presence.

3. Describe the concept of energy as it applies to Protective Parts and how this can be measured and processed within EMDR.

4. Describe the concept of energy as it applies to qualities of Self and how these can be measured and installed as a resource within EMDR.

5. Name at least one way that IFS language can used in obtaining a NC, PC or VOC.

6. Complete an IFS-Informed Assessment Phase target.

7. Practice shifting targets from exile to protector, using IFS-Informed scales in Desensitization Phase.

8. Describe & practice at least 3 IFS Interweaves in Desensitization Phase.

9. Name the 4 steps of the Therapeutic Reconsolidation Process distilled from Memory Reconsolidation research by Coherence Therapy.

10. Describe and practice obtaining precise negative cognitions in the Assessment Phase using Coherence Therapy concepts.

11. Deepen your relationship with your parts-as-therapist based on the IFS model.

OPD points: 10
Course / Workshop content:

as above

Start/End Date: 02/02/2019 to 03/02/2019
Time: 00:00:00 - 00:00:00
Presenter / Provider: Bruce Hersey
Contact Name: Simon D'Orsogna
Contact Phone: 0418 321 254
Contact Email:
Qualifications: LCSW, is an Approved Consultant in EMDR & Clinical Hypnosis (EMDRIA & ASCH), an AASECT Certified Supervisor in Sex Therapy, and also Certified Level 3 in IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy).‚Äč

Bruce completed IFS Levels One, Two & Three Training, is a repeat Level One Program Assistant & IFS International Conference presenter. He is the moderator of the LinkedIn international discussion group: The Internal Family Systems Network.

Address: Bouverie Centre
Address 2: 8 Gardiner Street
Suburb: Brunswick
State: VIC
Postcode: 3056
Parking: Free
Is there disability parking and entry? Yes
Are meals included with this event? Yes
If yes, what meals? Morning / Afternoon Tea & Lunch
Registration URL:
Cost ($): $395-$695
Registration Instruction (if applicable):

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