Latest News – May 2014

This month there is an issue I need to discuss that has been come up several times – the scraping and/or usage of ACA member contacts through the ACA member profile pages to send unsolicited commercial messages (email and/or phone) to members.

This act is in breach of the Spam Act as well as the ACA Code of Conduct 3.2 (d) i, (e) i and (f) i.

If an ACA member, or ARCAP Registered Counsellor, sends spam to another ACA or ARCAP Registered Counsellor they have committed an unethical act and are in breach of the ACA Code of Conduct 3.2 (d) i, (e) i and (f) i. Therefore members are liable to have a professional complaint laid against them for unprofessional practice should they breach this code.

This means ACA members who send emails to other members via their ACA Member Profile (or other similar means) of an up and coming workshop/conference/short course/video/DVD or any other product, are in breach of the Spam Act and the ACA Code of Conduct.

The ACA Member Profile page contains members contact details so that members of the community who are looking for a counsellor may contact them. Trolling through the members profile pages to create an email list is unethical and any member who undertakes to create an email list from the ACA member’s pages will be in breach of the ACA Code of Conduct.

Any member who receives any offers or spams via their member profile page should contact ACA so that we can take action against the spammer.

Anyone who wishes to inform ACA members of up and coming activities, meetings, conferences, workshops or relevant products can contact ACA to advertise their services through the appropriate platform, being the ACA Ezine.

Until next month,

Philip Armstrong
Chief Executive Officer.