Dr Tra-ill Dowie

Dr Tra-ill Dowie

Bio and Qualifications:

Dr. Tra-ill Dowie is the current Chair of the Australian Counselling Association Panel for trauma treatment standards. He is the head of integrative psychotherapy at Ikon Institute where he lectures and coordinates a number of subjects focused on trauma treatment and practice. Tra-ill is the Development Manager and Consulting Psychotherapist for Retreat South, a high-needs recovery centre for people recovering from trauma and mental illness. Tra-ill has over 20 years’ experience in trauma treatment practice including extensive experience with military and sexual assault-based trauma treatment and institutional abuse and trauma. Tra-ill also co-authored a paper that was tabled at the royal commission into institutional abuse, with Nigel Denning being the other co-author.

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychiatry), Monash University

Doctor of Philosophy (Social Theory/Philosophy), University of Melbourne

Master of Mind and Society, Monash University

Graduate Diploma in Social Science (Jungian Studies), University of South Australia

Master of Social Science (Counselling Studies), University of South Australia

Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Flinders University of South Australia

Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy), University of Adelaide

Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy, IKON Institute of Australia

Bachelor of Arts (Sociology/History of Ideas), Deakin University