Dr Suzanne Jenkins

Dr Suzanne Jenkins

Bio and Qualifications:

My research interests lie in Indigenous research and in developing models, processes, practices and strategies which support de-colonisation and genuine reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. As programme coordinator, I have focused on Indigenising the Bachelor of Counselling degree at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, and ensuring our students develop culturally competent practices.  My doctoral thesis ‘Indigenous Secondary Education: What implications for counsellors lie in the stories of Indigenous adults, who as children, left their home communities to attend school?’, was published by Scholars’ Press in 2013. Participant stories in this research spanned five decades. 

Further publications include:
Jenkins, S. (2013) ‘Counselling and Storytelling – How did we get here?’ Psychotherapy & Politics International, vol. 11(2), pp.140-151.

Jenkins, S. (2015) ‘Rehabilitating Psychology in Australia: The Journey from Colonising Agent to Cultural Broker,’ Psychotherapy & Politics International, vol.13 (2), pp. 115-128.

Jenkins, S. (2016) ‘Releasing Privilege: how can we develop Indigenous knowledges and create credible pathways towards de-colonization and genuine reconciliation in Australia in our communities and schools?’ in Hart, M., Burton, A., Hart, K., Rowe, G., Halonen, D. & Pompana, Y. (eds.) International Indigenous Voices in Social Work, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Jenkins, S. (under review) ‘Combating Racism: A necessary first step in developing pathways to a de-colonised future in Australia’, in Henriksen, J.E., Hydle, I. & Kramvig, B. (eds.) Recognition, Reconciliation and Restoration: Applying a Postcolonial Understanding in Social Work and Healing.

I have visited remote Indigenous communities in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the Torres Strait Islands to expand my knowledge and understanding of Indigenous ways of knowing and being. I have been invited to present at a range of National and International conferences.