Nigel Denning

Nigel Denning

Bio and Qualifications:

Nigel Denning is a Counselling psychologist in Melbourne Australia with extensive expertise in the treatment of trauma. Nigel has for the past 20 years worked in the field of trauma treatment and practice and has extensive experience in the areas of family violence and trauma, attachment, development and trauma, institutional abuse and trauma. Nigel is on the board of In Good Faith, an organisation dedicated to helping and support victims of institutional abuse. Nigel was a director of Fires Creek a residential recovery centre for trauma in the United States. He is a lecturer, supervisor and therapist who is sought after for his knowledge and abilities. Nigel also co-authored a paper that was tabled at the royal commission into institutional abuse, with Tra-ill Dowie being the other co-author. Nigel is a member on the ACA Trauma Standards Panel.

Master of Psychology (Counselling), Swinburne University

Graduate Certificate in Social Studies (Male Family Violence), Swinburne University

Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Monash University

Master of Arts (Literary Theory) research degree, Monash University

Bachelor of Arts (Honours, English Literature), Monash University