Dr Michelle Webster

Dr Michelle Webster

Bio and Qualifications:

Dr Michelle Webster is an individual and couple psychotherapist. She is a counselling and clinical psychologist in private practice and the director of the Annandale Institute.

Michelle has extensive clinical, teaching and research experience in Emotion-Focused work. In 1987 Michelle founded the Counselling Training Centre (NSW). In 1999 she established the Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy as the world’s first higher-education provider of postgraduate programs in Emotion-Focused work.

Michelle has been developing the Emotion-Focused approach as a long-term psychotherapy for individuals. Michelle has written numerous articles on many aspects of Emotion-Focused work to explore issues such as depression, self-compassion, the therapeutic relationship, emotional abuse in therapy, and the therapist’s presence.

Her latest book, Emotion-Focused Psychotherapy (2019) is about working with the internal world of a client, working with the inner child in an Emotion-Focused way that integrates some psychodynamic ideas with a relational and attachment-oriented process that facilitates the healing from childhood trauma. This book is the second in a series on Emotion-Focused work, with the first being Emotion-Focused Counselling: A Practitioner’s Guide (2017). She is also the author of Physical Holding in Psychotherapy (2005) based on her research on the nature of Emotion-Focused psychotherapy and the use of physical holding in regression.

Michelle’s has specific professional expertise in the healing processes in psychotherapy and how the attachment experiences are developed for the healing to occur in a safe, respectful, caring and loving therapeutic relationship.