Dr Kay Distel

Dr Kay Distel

Bio and Qualifications:

Self-employed at Sound Education since 1992.  I am professionally trained as a psychotherapist (1980) and as a Tomatis Consultant (1997). These trainings are embedded in all my work. My PhD (2013) work further developed my understanding by working with diverse learners in Higher Education who were struggling with health and learning issues. I used an empowering model of action research.

My main program, the Tomatis Listening Integration training focusses on the mind-body link between listening, language and learning difficulties. It can be a life changing intervention for a range of students with learning issues; auditory processing, ASD, Asperger’s, ADHD, dyslexia, disabilities where language, behaviour or mental health issues are involved. I have developed a specialised program which combines auditory processing with literacy learning in a creative hands-on approach for children and adults with dyslexia or work place stress.

Listening Training Children and Adults

  • Intensive Clinical programs using music- for all listening, language and learning issues
  • Home programs –similar to clinical programs and a starting program for prevention and stress release.

Dyslexia Mentoring and Counselling Program

  • Individual programs back to basic literacy issues for children and adults
  • Training programs for workplace settings- awareness and management of learning

Community courses
I have developed a range of innovative courses -from two-hour sessions to ten-day courses which address auditory processing issues related to the voice, ear, brain and the effects on health, learning and wellbeing. The power of music and voice as communication and personal development courses is a popular start to understand the depth of this work.
Examples of workshops related to learning and in-service trainings
Learning the Dyslexic Way- a course for adults
Making Literacy Fun- a two-part course for parents and children
Listening in Families- for parents in conflict with their non-listening children
Freeing the Natural Voice- a fun way to learn how to deeply listen
Natural self-regulation- Gut to Brain- valuable insights to release hidden stress

Academic credentials and ‘Other’ Training programs

2013 Doctor of Philosophy (Health Science) (Southern Cross University)
1997 Master in Applied Science (Social Ecology) (University of Western Sydney)
1999 Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator Training (Aust)
1997-98 Davis Dyslexia Correction Training (USA)
1991-93 Professional Training in Tomatis Method-Auditory retraining (US, France)
1980-84 Diploma in Biodynamic Psychology (UK)