Dr Jennifer Isabelle Ong

Dr Jennifer Isabelle Ong

Bio and Qualifications:

Dr. Isabelle Ong’s research and clinical interests have focused on trauma and abuse with a particular interest in how integrative treatment modalities including mindfulness and yoga and play and expressive art therapies can facilitate healing in trauma survivors. Her dissertation and manuscripts under review have focused on trauma-sensitive yoga (TSY) and its impact on the trauma recovery of female survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV). In her 8-week TSY intervention study, she investigated female IPV survivors’ perceptions of trauma recovery as facilitated by TSY, a structured body-oriented yoga practice designed to help trauma survivors recover from trauma. Additionally, Dr. Ong has been receiving specialized training in clinical trauma work such as trauma-informed expressive arts therapies.

Dr. Ong maintains a personal mindfulness and yoga practice and is particularly curious about how mindfulness and yoga can facilitate healing in trauma survivors, particularly children, teens and adults. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2015 and recently attended a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course to deepen her knowledge and practice of mindfulness and yoga. She continues to explore the applications of mindfulness, yoga, and body work in the training and supervision of counsellors and psychologists. She is currently leading a research-funded project on mindfulness in school counselling based on the perspectives of school counsellors in Singapore.

Dr. Ong has worked extensively with children, youths, and adults in various school, community and violence agencies, and inpatient hospital settings who have experienced trauma. She also served as a sexual assault advocate and received specialized training working with trauma survivors and perpetuators in a domestic violence agency. She is an ambassador for See the Triumph Singapore dedicated to the cause and support of survivors of intimate partner violence in the country.