Dr Jane Leigh

Dr Jane Leigh

Bio and Qualifications:

This topic was part of my 4.5-year PhD dissertation research project that I completed in 2018.

I am a Clinical Psychotherapist / Counsellor with 20 years of experience in the mental health industry. I worked for various government and NFP organisations throughout my career and became a specialist in the field of trauma and violence. For the last 13 years, I have been in private practice and am a clinical consultant for various organisations in the field of PTSD, trauma, family violence and mental disorders that result from complex trauma and CSA.

My book, ‘My nine lives – a psychotherapist’s journey from victim to survivor’, was published in 2012. This was an autobiography that narrated my own personal journey as a victim of CSA, and various experiences of trauma and violence during my life, and the many years of therapy I underwent in order to overcome and heal from my experiences to ultimately become a mental health professional. My book was reviewed by Philip Armstrong, CEO of the Australian Counselling Association.

My professional / clinical, together with my personal, experiences of trauma culminated in the fruition of my doctoral dissertation thesis and topic, which is the content that I am submitting for this conference.