Fiona Werle

Fiona Werle

Bio and Qualifications:

Fiona Werle is CEO of Opengate Institute, advocates for Sandtray Therapy in Australia.

Fiona is also a registered Counsellor, Supervisor and Sandtray Therapist. She recently developed a Nationally Recognised Qualification, Graduate Certificate in Sandtray Therapy - 10757NAT and hopes to train current and emerging therapists in this research based, cross-theoretical method. Fiona has had many years of study in this modality and will continue to expand her knowledge to research and develop courses, to evolve this method that encompasses psychological and educational frameworks.

Currently Fiona is working on a course specific for teachers to bring this method into schools as a practical pedagogical tool for learning and emotional skills.

Fiona has written two books on the psychological wellbeing of therapists and clients using the context of Sandtray Therapy; Sandcastles of Life.