Dr Eric Orr

Dr Eric Orr

Bio and Qualifications:

I have been a practicing Mental Health Therapist for 25 years. For 19 of those years I have been working with individuals from the Asia Pacific region as a part of my work as a Counseling Psychologist at BYU-Hawaii and in Private Practice in Laie Hawaii.

After receiving instruction from Helen Kwok at the Conference in Wuhan, China, I returned to Hawaii and began utilizing Emotional Prompt Cards with my Chinese Clients. I too found that this practice facilitated greater investment by my clients earlier in treatment. This practice shortened the overall length of therapy and demonstrated to me to be a very effective means of working with my Chinese clients. I continue to use this practice to this day. Additionally, I have also created Korean Cards as well and have found similar results.

Qualitative and Quantitative results from both the study and my own clinical experience will be shared. Participants can expect to engage in the use of prompt cards during the workshop session.