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ACA Bushfire Response

Notice from Australian Counselling Association (ACA) regarding Australian bushfires

January 2020

As our country navigates this devastating and unprecedented disaster, ACA has been contacted by numerous members seeking information on how they can help; and members of the public seeking access to counselling services.

For Members

ACA continues to liaise with various emergency, government, NGO and other agencies, with the intention of providing the right support, at the right time, in the right areas. To this end, ACA has been in contact with state emergency response agencies, the department of the Minister of Health, numerous Private Health Networks (PHN’s) in affected areas, as well as NGO’s such as Red Cross, and many many more.

As we are aware, in the early stages of disasters, structural and physical wellbeing such as safety, food and shelter are of primary concern. Mental wellbeing comes to prominence in the second phase, once physical safety and needs have been secured.

As we move into this second phase, we want ACA members to be informed and prepared, so they can provide services in an effective manner, sensitive to the needs of the public and allied service providers.

ACA Bushfire Response Register

To assist ACA disseminate information and coordinate its field force, we’ve set up an ACA Bushfire Response Register.

The ACA Bushfire Response Register is an opt in message service. Members can subscribe to the Register to receive updates on the bushfires and ACA’s role in providing support.

Current ACA members can subscribe to the Register here: ACA Bushfire Response Register

For the Public

ACA members are well trained professionals, capable of providing mental health support in disaster situations.

To find a registered Counsellor, please use the ACA Counsellor Register.