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From the CEOs Desk

This month has again been a very busy one. We have now developed a lobby kit for members that will be available soon. The kit includes a document that can be used as a briefing document for politicians and a Q & A sheet that addresses the key issues government has been raising in response to our lobbying thus far.


This month the Senate Enquiry, Towards Recovery: Mental Health Services in Australia, released its recommendations. One recommendation does involve Counsellors. The following comments are my response to the recommendation and the enquiry:


In August 2007, ACA submitted a formal 18-page submission to the above enquiry. This was followed later in the year by a 40-minute verbal presentation to the enquiry in Brisbane. The enquiry has now published its response in regard to "should Counsellors be included among the eligible allied health professionals?" The recommendation from the enquiry was 'no'.


The basis of the recommendation as published is not indicative of the points made in our submission and it does not acknowledge the fact that we did not propose that Counsellors in general be recognized. The report was extremely selective in its reporting of our submission and did not mention the joint working party and collaboration between ACA and PACFA in developing a National Independent Register.


It could be considered that some individuals that presented to the enquiry, such as Professor Schofield (a psychologist), were bent on undermining any possibility of counselling being recognized. Some comments made by Professor Schofield were constructive, however these were lost in her lengthy dialogue regarding the differences of the two peak bodies. Professor Schofield's focus seemed to be more on highlighting differences between PACFA and ACA than on supporting their commonalities.


Obviously Professor Schofield was and is free to make observations as she sees fit, however this is a classic case of the baby being thrown out with the bath water. Professor Schofield was aware of the efforts of the joint working party to bring all professional Counsellors and psychotherapists in to a National Register, administered jointly by both peak bodies.


Unnecessarily highlighting the differences could only have the effect of reinforcing incorrect perceptions already held by the government that the profession was divided. They also undermined the many hard months of work undertaken by the joint working party lobbying the government for recognition of the profession. Particularly as the joint working party ensured when it met with the government representatives from both associations were present to demonstrate unity.


Nothing in the report reflects that Professor Schofield made any attempt to acknowledge that she was aware of the collaborative efforts between ACA and PACFA through the joint working party. Professor Schofield's comment that "external regulation had not progressed" could only be seen as a deliberate attempt to distort the facts.


At that time the joint working party was progressing well, as it continues to. Professor Schofield was well aware of this fact at that time and so was the enquiry. Professor Schofield's comments obviously fed into the enquiry's agenda, as there is no mention that they are not congruent with ACA's or other submissions from the profession stating a National register was in fact being developed.    


It is also discouraging that members of the Royal Australian New Zealand College Psychiatrists (RANZCP) and Australian Psychological Society (APS) were invited to comment. I cannot remember the last time ACA or Counsellors were asked to comment on their (RANZP & APS) inclusion in mental health strategies. The spokesperson for RANZCP found it necessary to compare apples with oranges in his need to draw comparisons in training standards. It seems to challenge some professionals that we actually choose to be Counsellors and not psychiatrists or psychologists.


Therefore we also choose to undertake a different program of training for the very same reason. It is disappointing that senior members from RANZCP and APS deemed themselves to be qualified to comment on the issue at hand. Neither of them had approached ACA in regard to our submission, therefore they would not be deemed informed enough, beyond personal opinions and assumptions, to make accurate or informed comments.


Statements made by the APS, such as having "grave concerns", are theatrical and inappropriate, as they were again drawing comparisons between apples and oranges and reflected ignorance as to what is happening within the profession. The continued necessity for other professions to draw comparisons between our profession and their own reflects just how out of touch they are or how threatened they may feel. 


Counsellors are not de facto partners of psychologists or psychiatrists and nor should our training support such a contention. It should be noted neither the APS nor the RANZCP have been involved in the development of the National Register nor the joint working party, or contacted ACA. Therefore any knowledge they have of our profession as registered Counsellors would be extremely limited. Something they neglected to declare to the enquiry.  


Comments made in regard to there being no standards in the profession nor recognition by the government of a national body were a clear demonstration of this. I have several letters from the Minister's Department that recognize the work of ACA and PACFA and ARCAP and that registration with ACA and PACFA are significant quality control points for standards into the profession. Again it must be stressed that that we were only advocating for professionally registered Counsellors, something the report has clearly missed or possibly intentionally ignored.


Once again, none of those who made comments that opposed the recognition of counselling/psychotherapy as an allied health profession were informed enough to be qualified to make comments on this point. The credibility of an enquiry that publishes comments from those who have not taken the time to be informed is surely not competent to make recommendations.  


It certainly makes me wonder what the enquiry's agenda was when they report comments from ill-informed sources to support a recommendation that in itself does not accurately reflect the information given to it in the first place. At least we are now aware that being informed is not a necessary criterion to get the ear of this government - a government that has resisted all our efforts to discuss with it alternative strategies to deliver more services by appropriately qualified professionals without incurring more costs.


There was no acknowledgement or recommendation in the report that we were only advocating for the inclusion of professionally registered Counsellors. There was also no acknowledgement of the fact they were informed of this point through our submission.


Where does this leave us? I can assure all members of ACA and our colleagues who belong to similar recognized professional bodies that this issue is not over by a long shot. Our efforts in advocating for our recognition as an allied health profession, and thus for our recognition for provider numbers under Medicare, will continue.


If there is a belief that we will be intimidated by other professions then it should be noted that the first A in ACA and ARCAP, and the 2nd A in PACFA, stand for "Australian" and "Australia", respectively.


Australians are by nature not easily intimidated and are invigorated and not frightened to tackle any system that promotes and practices exclusivism to the detriment of the public.


I personally believe the war is yet to be won and we are capable of winning it. It may take a little longer but as long as our members support us through maintaining their registration we are in good order to maintain the battle.


Philip Armstrong



The Editor

Hi everyone! Wow this past month has gone by in a flash.

I would firstly like to thank everyone for congratulating me on my new position and also a thankyou to everyone for being patient with Philip and myself this past month. We have a lovely new person on board Vicky our new Membership Officer she will be helping you all with your membership enquires, she is doing a fantastic job.


The ACA hopes you had a great October and wishes you a very prosperous November!


Jovana Prodanovic


IT with Dr Angela
IT with Dr Angela will be back next month!

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Australia

2008 Training


Workshops will be conducted by local and overseas experts, including Dr Monica O'Kelly and Dr Dom DiMattia


The certificate workshops will consist of four-day training programs that aim to teach and consolidate principles of cognitive behaviour therapy with an emphasis on skills development.


Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Presented by Dr Monica O'Kelly and Dr Dom DiMattia


Brisbane: 6 - 9 Nov - O'Shea Inservice Centre, 19 Lovedale Street, Wilston


Cost $1045 (GST inclusive)


By attending an additional session on the second evening, participants can also obtain the Primary Certificate in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy - Cost $77 (GST inclusive)


Early bird discounts are offered for all workshops. Refer to registration forms for full details.


These workshops are run by Monica O'Kelly & Associates Pty Ltd trading as

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Australia. For further details on all courses offered and a registration form, go to or phone 03 9796 9300


Play Therapy Australia Workshops & Training

Play Therapy Australia is Australia's leading trainer in the field of Child Centered Play Therapy. a humanistic form of counselling or psychotherapy for children from 3-10 years old.


Workshops in this heartful Play Therapy approach are being offered in Melbourne, Brisbane & in Sydney in 2008. Areas covered in the workshops include:


  • Philosophy of Child Centered Play Therapy & the Heart of the Work
  • Empathy & the 4 key healing messages:  I am here, I hear you, I understand & I care
  • Heartful practice & the Power of Relationship: Sensitivity, compassion & the development of  a safe & trusting relationship with the child
  • Different types of play we see in Play Therapy & who Play Therapy can help
  • Setting up a therapeutic playroom & the selection of toys & materials
  • Play Therapy Skills development & facilitative ways of responding to children including tracking behaviour, reflecting feelings, following the child's lead, allowing the child to direct the play, enhancing creativity, returning responsibility to the child
  • The ACT limit setting model: Applications in the therapeutic playroom & in other settings with children
  • Exploring some of the challenging situations that can present in the Playroom & in other settings with children including:  What to do if the silent...wants to leave the room...ask you to cuddle him/her...wants to take toys highly regressed
  • DVD material with Dr Garry Landreth from the Center for Play Therapy, University of North Texas

For full details of the workshops & for registration details, please go to:


Melb Workshop:


Bris & Syd Workshops:


Play Therapy Australia Clinical Training Program:  Melbourne 2009


Play Therapy Australia is pleased to announce that the Play Therapy Australia 

Post Graduate level Clinical Training Program will be offered in Melbourne, Victoria in 2009.


This course is an approved specialist course with the Australian Counsellors Association.  The course is offered in intensive block training modules to allow those living in rural areas of Australia, different Australian states and in other countries, to participate in this professional, creative & innovative Play Therapy training program.


For full course information and application details, please email: Jill Pagotto at or phone 0415 138 857. Please also visit for more information about Play Therapy & Play Therapy Australia!


Project Plan to Empowerment

Expressions of Interest are invited for the "Project Plan to Empowerment" workshops to be held in Queensland and NSW 2008 on the subject of domestic violence.


You are cordially invited to register your expression of interest for proposed workshops to be presented by Ricky Hunter in QLD and NSW in the months of November 2008 on the subject of domestic violence.


Who should attend?


Health professionals including, GP's, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, family support workers, uni students, telephone counsellors, workers and advocates in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault.




QLD - Sunshine Coast Uni              Friday 28 Nov, 2008, 9am - 4pm 




Early Bird: $85.00 per person per workshop  Late fee: $100.00


Email your expression of interest before 13th October 2008 to


You will receive a registration form/information by return email.


Lunch and refreshments provided - Places are strictly limited at each location.  Phone queries to 0404 918 582.


These workshops explore what it means to be a survivor of violence, exposes the labels of disempowerment and illegitimate shame. Learn how to utilise Ricky's "recovery gems" with the people we work with.


Ricky's book - a powerful document is being used by survivors and health professionals in the therapeutic setting and with significant impact in men's groups.


Presenter - Ricky Hunter - author of the book Point Last Seen..a road to recovery after childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence and survivor of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse.


This book is being used in the therapeutic setting by health professionals and in men's groups with significant impact.


Ricky recently completed a tour of the North Island of New Zealand in 2007 where hundreds of delegates have appreciated these unique and enlightening presentations.  We have also presented workshops in Bundaberg, Maryborough and the Brisbane region.  


You can download the workshop flyer from the Workshop tab at and check out the write up on Ricky's book Point Last Seen.a road to recovery after childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence.


Ricky Hunter & Associates

PO Box 4525

Forest Lake 4078 QLD

Fax workshop registrations to  61 7 3271 3857

Book order hotline: 1800 625 399 (Aust)

(Member of the Australian Society of Authors)


Upcoming Workshops for Professionals Regularly Working with Traumatised Populations

St John of God Hospital presents a workshop series


Workshop Series


Trauma and The Matter of Forgiveness                2nd December, 2008


Presenter: Robert Grant Ph.D.

Dr Robert Grant is the Director of Organisational Health and Development and the International Trauma Centre at St John of God Health Care, NSW. 

He is internationally renowned for his expertise in trauma assessment and counselling.  For over 20 years he has worked in over 20 countries around the world and several disaster/war zones as a trauma consultant, educator and trainer and has authored numerous publications.


9.00am - 5.00pm

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.

Cost: $250

(OPD Points from various endorsing bodies will be reimbursed once approved).


To Register or for further enquiries:

Contact Maria Favorito

Tel:  02 9715 9234

Email: (at least 1 week prior to the workshop commencing)


St John of God Hospital

The Education Centre

13 Grantham Street, Burwood NSW 2134

Chapter Meetings & Group Supervision

Queensland Group Supervision


All ACA members are welcome to take advantage of the group supervision that is available at the Grange, Queensland, provided by the Clinical Counselling Centre every Friday.


Supervision details


Every Friday

Time: 10.30 until 12.00 noon

Clinical Counselling Centre

Cnr Thomas & Carberry Streets

Grange QLD 4051

Cost: $30.00

Bookings: (07) 3356 4937


Brisbane - FPCQ Monthly Chapter Meeting & Supervision


Day:             Second Saturday in month

Time:            9.30am - 12.30pm

Venue:          Edinburgh Castle Hotel

                   Cnr Gympie Road & Mermaid Street, Chermside

Cost:            Gold coin donation to cover venue hire and morning tea

Contact:       Arthur Emmerson on 07 5579 9399


Check with Arthur as supervision alternates with presentations


Sunshine Coast FPCQ Chapter Meetings


The details for the upcoming Sunshine Coast FPCQ meetings are as follows:


28 November 2008


These meetings will be held at:


Queensland Injectors Health Network Offices

59 Sixth Avenue, Cotton Tree (next to Maroochydore)

Ph: 07 5442 7107 or 0418 749 849


Western Sydney Chapter Meetings


Western Sydney Chapter meeting schedule for 2008:


November 29th


All meetings are held in the Community Centre in Lawson St, Emu Plains. Meetings commence at 1pm. Guest Speakers are arranged for each meeting.


$5 is payable per meeting to assist in covering the cost of hiring the venue and light afternoon tea is provided.


Students and qualified counsellors are most welcome to come along and meet like minded colleagues.


For further information, please phone Pam Hoy on (02) 8850 3984 or email at


Hunter Valley Chapter Meetings & Group Supervision


The Hunter Chapter meets bimonthly at Charlestown Community Centre, Pearson Street, Charlestown (northern corner of Charlestown Square right next to the main carpark).


2pm: Free peer group supervision

3pm: Business meeting

4pm: Presentation

6pm: Finish


The following dates and presentations are as follows:


Monday 15 December: Christmas Social


All are welcome and the cost of attending the Hunter Valley Chapter Meeting and group supervision is $5.00 per person.


Individual or group supervision is available from Grahame Smith or Brian Edwards at about $60-$70 a session (for individuals) and $20/person in groups at some other negotiated time.


For further details contact:

Stephen Tsousis, Secretary, on 02 4963 5613, 0402 525 164 or

Grahame Smith, Chairman, on 02 6573 2340, 0428 218 808 or


Workshop:  The Couple's Body

Presented by Doug Sotheren


Saturday, 15 November

10.30 - 4.30

Registration at 10.00am

Charlestown Community Centre


Cost $30.00 5 OPD Points


For enquiries and bookings contact Vicky via email:


Victorian Chapter Meetings


Invitation to all Victorian ACA members to become a member of our Association


Benefits of FVC membership:


  • PDP (Professional Development Programs)
  • Supervision by ACA registered supervisors
  • Networking with peers
  • Workshops, conferences and seminars (at members' rates)
  • Monthly e-Bulletin
  • Professional recognition
  • A voice and strength in advocacy
  • Counsellor directory listing
  • Advertising at reduced rates
  • Monthly meetings
  • Membership certificate

 Monthly meetings are held at three locations:


  • Melbourne Central on the second Saturday 1 to 4pm
  • Ferntree Gully on the fourth Saturday 1 to 4pm, and
  • Albury on the first Monday 1.30 to 4pm

 Cost: Full members $5, student members $2, visitors $10, non-ACA students $5.


Please visit any meeting as a visitor [free] to check us out; we look forward to sharing our journey with you.


President Barbara Matheson


Counselling Tasmania Inc Meetings


Counselling Tasmania Inc meets twice per month. The first monthly meeting is on:


Day: Second Wednesday evening each month

Time: 6pm

Location: Suite 5 Mayfair Plaza, 236 Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay


This meeting deals mostly with administration and information sharing. This meeting can be accessed through teleconference from other areas around the state.


The second monthly meeting is on:


Day: Last Thursday evening each month

Time: 6pm

Location: 6 Portsea Place, Howrah Heights


This meeting deals mostly with professional development, supervision, and case discussion. There is no teleconference available at this meeting.


These meetings are no charge, although all donations gladly accepted.


The contact people for these meetings are Ron Cruickshank, President, mobile: 0400 606 321 or Deborah Townrow, secretary, mobile: 0427 550 696


ACT Chapter Meeting & Peer Support


The Australian Counselling Association ACT Chapter meets for peer support on:


Day: Last Tuesday of every month

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Location: 13 Jalanga Crescent, Aranda, ACT


All enquiries to Bobbi Cook Vice President on 62533116 or email at


The cost of attending this chapter & peer support meeting is $10.


South Australian Group Supervision


Group supervision sessions are held on Mondays and Fridays at a CBD Location for 2 Hours (5:45pm - 8:00pm). The cost of each session is $25.00 for the first hour only OR $35.00 for the two hours.


The dates of the group supervision sessions are as follows:



November 28th

Booking are essential

(Minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 attendees)

Late cancellation of sessions (due to low numbers or unforseen circumstances) will be notified to all participants who book


Free Group Counselling Supervision


Cheryl Taylor, Clinical Counsellor in Melbourne, is offering free group counselling supervision, as part of her study in the (69828) Cert IV Counselling Supervision with BASA Education & Counselling Services.


Group supervision will be offered at Cheryl's Consulting rooms in Flinders Lane Melbourne.  Participating in this group supervision has been recognised by ACA and will enable you to achieve 2 x signed peer supervision sessions in your Green Log Book.


Please call Cheryl on 8610 0400 or 0421 281 050 to book in for a session.


Professional Counsellors Association of WA (PCAWA) - Perth


The details for the 2008 PCAWA meetings are as follows:

Monday, 1st December        5.30pm-7.00pm


All meetings will be held at Claisebrook Lotteries House Association, Conference Room, Ground Floor, 33 Moore Street, East Perth


The section of Moore Street where the venue is located can only be accessed from Hill Street.   Please note that Hill Street is a one-way street. Access by train - via McIver Train Station. There is parking available on the street which is free from 5.30pm on week days. 


Each meeting will consist of either a Presentation, Group Supervision, or Professional Development. 


There will be a fee of $5.00 payable to PCAWA for each member accessing Group Supervision at the meetings.  The agenda of each meeting will be included in the Minutes.


President:  Carolyn Midwood


PCAWA Postal Address:  PO Box 751 Mt Lawley WA 6929

Training & Development

Upgrade Your Career with Life Coaching Skills


Did you know that Life Coaching is one the fastest growth industries in Australia and around the world? It's also the fastest growth adjunctive skill amongst counsellors and therapists. In fact, many therapists charge several times more for their coaching services than they do for their more competitive therapy services.


You can upgrade your career with Life Coaching skills by enrolling in LCI's Certificate IV in Life Coaching or the comprehensive and industry-leading Diploma of Life Coaching!


To learn how you can get recognition of prior learning for your counselling skills and attain a coaching qualification, visit


Certificate IV in Counselling Supervision (69828)


Nationally Accredited Training


The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) has identified a significant hole in the availability of quality training in Professional Supervision at the vocational level. As a result the (69828) Certificate IV in Counselling Supervision was developed in consultation with ACA who has approved and accepted this course as an appropriate accredited level of training for their counselling supervisors.


The (69828) Certificate IV in Counselling Supervision offers flexibility in studies in four different learning modes: workshop, workplace, distance, and full RPL.


The learning materials from the 'Professional Supervision - Workshop Book', CCC 2006 Version 4, July 2006' by Philip Armstrong, previously used as training for the counselling supervisors, are now used as some of the learning materials in the delivery of the Nationally Accredited Counselling Supervision Course, (69828) Certificate IV in Counselling Supervision.


The essential entry requirements - criteria set by ACA are: extensive experience as a counsellor - clinical level practitioner with a minimum of 6 yrs experience and having undertaken a minimum of 100 hrs being under supervision themselves.


NOTE - The Bridging Course is specifically designed for those counsellors who had done the formal training in professional supervision provided by 'CCC 2006 version 4/other, July 2006' by Philip Armstrong, prior to 2007, and wish to update to the (69828) Certificate IV in Counselling Supervision. The Bridging Course is going to be delivered in 2008 ONLY.


For workshop dates and further information please contact Veronika Basa or Philip Armstrong:


Veronika Basa
Basa Education & Counselling Services
Telephone: 03 9772 1940
: 0418 387 982


Gain Specialty Counselling Expertise With A Vocational Graduate Qualification... In Just 6 to 12 Months!


More and more Counsellors are gaining advanced specialist skills with a Vocational Graduate qualification. A vocational graduate qualification gives you advanced theoretical knowledge with an emphasis on practical application. It's time and cost effective, meaning you can gain a formal graduate qualification in 6 to 12 months in your specialist area.


Here's how a graduate qualification can advance your career:


  • Develop a deeper understanding of your area of interest and achieve more optimal outcomes with your clients.
  • A graduate qualification will assist you move up the corporate ladder from practitioner to manager/ supervisor.
  • Make the shift from being a generalist practitioner to a specialist.
  • Gain greater professional recognition from your peers.
  • Increased client referrals from allied health professionals.
  • Maximise job opportunities in your preferred specialty area.
  • Formalise years of specialist experience with a respected qualification.

To learn more about the Institute, our Vocational Graduate courses and how to enrol, please visit Or alternatively, please call your nearest Institute branch on the FreeCall numbers shown below.


Sydney: 1800 677 697

Melbourne: 1800 622 489

Perth: 1800 353 643

Brisbane: 1800 246 324

Adelaide: 1800 246 381

Regional NSW: 1800 625 329

Regional QLD: 1800 359 565

Gold Coast: 1800 625 359

NT/Tasmania: 1800 353 643


Counselling programs continue to lead the field


The University of New England offers programs that can assist you in life, enhance your skill set, and enable your professional career to flourish. An exciting career awaits you through study, practice, and professional growth.


Our strengths are in rural, multicultural and Indigenous approaches. UNE Counselling staff specialise in trauma and healing; identity and spirituality; supervision and self-care; sociological and socio-political analysis.


Gain entry to our Graduate Certificate with a relevant two-year Diploma and one year's experience, or relevant degree. We encourage students to attain higher studies in the field for accreditation and independent practice.

  • Bachelor of Health, Ageing, and Community Services (Counselling)
  • Graduate Certificate in Counselling
  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling
  • Master of Counselling (coursework)
  • Master of Counselling Honours (research)
  • PhD

Applications close 30 November. For further information about courses contact:

Dr Randolph Bowers at:


For further information about admission and enrolment contact: The Student Centre, University of New England.


Freecall 1800 818 865


The UNE Experience stays with you for life


Expand Your Qualifications with Australia's Most Cost Effective and Flexible Bachelor of Counselling


The Bachelor of Counselling is a careful blend of theory and practical application. Theory is learnt through user-friendly learning materials that have been carefully designed to make your studies as accessible and conducive to learning as possible.


The course and its subjects are structured to progressively develop your knowledge and skills from foundational, theoretical concepts through to more complex concepts and advanced skills and applications.


  • Save up to $16,000.00 on your qualification.
  • Get started for as little as $1,100.
  • Be supported by a large team of highly-qualified professionals.
  • Learn externally with intimate personal support.
  • Attend Residential Schools to hone your practical skills and network with other students.

On completion, you will have...


  • The capacity to apply counselling theory and skills in an intentional and mindful manner.
  • The ability to evaluate and apply a variety of counselling models according to the needs of your client.
  • The ability to analyse counselling issues with consideration to broader social and cultural perspectives and will be equipped to make a natural transition into the role of Counsellor.

To learn more, visit or click to download a comprehensive course prospectus. The Institute is accredited as a non-university Higher Education Provider.


The Bachelor of Counselling is accredited by the Minister for Education and Training, the accrediting authority under the Higher Education (General Provisions) Act 2003.




Counselling Academy is a leading provider of professional development education for the counselling and mental health industry. The diverse range of courses is delivered online for convenient access. Many courses are supported by video and audio presentation to enhance your learning experience.


Courses are between 4 to 10 hours duration; are developed by a team of highly qualified professionals; can be completed progressively; and are recognised by The Australian Counselling Association for Ongoing Professional Development.


For further information click on link


Shirley Smith & The Radiant Group presents a Facilitator and Internship Training


Facilitator Training in Post Induction Therapy for Developmental Immaturity

A model developed by Pia Mellody and facilitated by Shirley Smith


Facilitation is about creating the right environment, atmosphere and opportunities for people to contribute, learn, heal, and move forward in constructive and positive ways.


Post Induction Therapy for Developmental Immaturity is a therapy modality designed to treat the effects of childhood trauma and resulting issues of developmental immaturity. The modalities are an eclectic approach, which uses individual and group therapy. They are drawn from psychoanalytic therapies, Gestalt, Family Systems Theory, Transactional Analysis, Rational Emotive Therapy and concepts of Erik Erikson and Carl Rogers.


Shirley Smith will be teaching the model once this year in a  5 day training. Shirley was trained by Pia Mellody in 1988 and has been teaching the Post Induction Therapy Model in Australia for over 17 years. She uses the model as part of her treatment program at the Radiant Group Centre in Sydney.


The Radiant Group is looking for therapists to collaborate with us.


We often get calls from people who live out of our area, specifically asking for Shirley to recommend a counsellor or therapist who offers the type of work she does. We would also like to be an added resource to you when your clients need more than individual sessions and would benefit from our outpatient treatment programs.


Shirley Smith M. A. C. A. (Clinical)


Shirley is a psychotherapist, speaker and a best selling author of three books including Set Yourself Free. Originally from the USA, she was brought to Australia nineteen years ago to train psychologists, doctors, counsellors and other health professionals in the treatment of co-dependency, addictive behaviour and family of origin issues.


She is recognised as one of Australia's leading specialists in this field and is an ordained minister with degrees in divinity and philosophy.


Additionally, Shirley is a Certified Trainer and Facilitator in the educational applications of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Generative Learning and accredited Myers Briggs practitioner.


For more info on dates & times, please click here: & download brochure


Advance your career with UQ's new Master of Social Work Studies


With an increasing demand for qualified social workers and continued growth in the Health and Community Services industry, there has never been a better time to enrol in The University of Queensland's new Master of Social Work Studies.


Extend your current qualifications and expand your career opportunities by becoming a professional social worker in two years of full-time study or less*.


Accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), our program is particularly suited to: recent graduates looking for a clearly defined career path; mid-life career changers; and human service workers looking to upgrade their skills.


Find out more at UQ's Postgraduate Advice Night - Wednesday 15 October, Customs House, Brisbane or contact the School of Social Work and Human Services, phone (07) 3365 2068 or visit


  • Dependent on previous studies

"Extend Your Edge". and train in Gestalt Therapy


Gestalt therapy deepens a person's understanding of who they are and how they relate to others in their world. Gestalt practice extends a person's capacity to choicefully respond and adjust to life's relationships and demands.


Trainees at Gestalt Practitioners Training Sydney come from a range of backgrounds (e.g. counselling, psychology, social work, teaching, nursing and business) and are attracted to our program for its theoretical rigour, experiential learning and advanced skills development.


Our Faculty includes experienced, highly qualified practitioners and respected trainers who offer leading edge learning in contemporary theory and practice.


Faculty:  Sally Brooks (MGT, CMGANZ); Maria Dolenc (CMGANZ); Irene Dungey (CMGANZ); Judy Leung (PsyD, CMGANZ); Alan Meara (MGT, FMGANZ); & Michael Reed (PhD, FMGANZ).


Our 4 year accredited training program in Gestalt Therapy encompasses multi-modal learning through a blend of tutorials, residentials and weekend workshops.


For more information on:


.The GPTS 4 year accredited training program;

.'Introduction to Gestalt Therapy workshop' (8-9 November 2008);

.Free information sessions


Saturday, 6 December 2008, from 10.00am-12 noon

Thursday, 29 January 2009, from 6.00pm-8.00pm


Please contact Dr Michael Reed or Sally Brooks on 1300 131 679

Email us at

or visit our website:


Please note that in order to maintain a high standard of personalised training, intake numbers are strictly limited in each year and applications for the 2009 training intake close in late January 2009.







Study Counselling in 2009 At Careers Australia College of Healthcare


Newly developed Diploma / Advanced Diploma Commencing Adelaide Feb 2009

To be introduced in Brisbane (expressions of interest sought)


Looking to become a qualified counsellor? Careers Australia College of Healthcare is enrolling now for 2009. There are no barriers to entry, applicants are simply invited to attend a personal interview to confirm they have appropriate literacy and interpersonal skills.


Our counselling training is provided by experienced practitioners, typically with Doctor of Counselling qualifications. As our programs are accredited, government fee assistance and student loads are available to eligible applicants.


Eligible program graduates will receive credit recognition from a range of university and higher education providers. Graduates are entitled to become members of the professional body, the Australian Counselling Association.



For further information contact

Dr Rob Brandenburg

School of Counselling

Careers Australia College of Healthcare

Telephone: 08 8221 5300 or Toll-free: 1300 887 696




A Study of Workplace Relationships

My name is Nikki Penhaligon and I am currently completing my PhD at the University of Queensland. My research is investigating relationships between supervisors and colleagues in the workplace, and how these may impact on overall wellbeing.


I am particularly interested in how these relationships interact in the counselling profession. Due to the increasingly crucial role that support plays in counsellor wellbeing, it is important that a number of variables are examined to further our understanding in this field.


Your participation in this study is greatly appreciated. The only requirement to participate is that you are a counsellor and work a minimum of 30 hours per week.


The study is online and will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.


The study has been cleared in accordance with the ethical review processes of the University of Queensland.


Please click on the below link to participate in the study:  


If you would like to know more about the study, please do not hesitate to contact me on:

Interesting Information

ARBIAS (Alcohol Related Brain Injury Australian Services)


arbias Ltd was established in 1990 to provide services for people with alcohol and other substance related brain impairment. It is a not for profit company managed by a board of directors. arbias is a specialist disability service which works together with families, support networks, employers and service providers to assist people with alcohol and other substance related brain impairments to live and function to their full potential in the community.


arbias provides the following services: Neuropsychological Assessments, Secondary Consultation, Case Management, Accommodation, Lifestyle Support Services, Information Services, Workforce Training and Development. Membership of Friends of arbias Ltd is open to organizations or individuals who support the aims of arbias Ltd and is endorsed by the arbias Ltd Board of Directors.


Friends of arbias Ltd are kept informed of activities of arbias Ltd via newsletters and special events throughout the year. Your financial contribution will greatly assist arbias in preventing a highly prevalent, yet little known disability.


For further information about arbias and that work that they do, please contact Michelle Barry on (03) 8388 1222 or or visit their website at

Rooms to Let

Therapist's Consulting Room Available In Private Day Hospital


This great room is available for evening sessions and would suit a Counsellor/Therapist. It is centrally located in Spring Hill (two blocks from Central Station).


Please call Peter McMahon on 0404 136 553 for more information.


Professional Consulting Rooms/offices

Caulfield and South Yarra





Promote your credibility in these purpose built, corporate standard consulting rooms, Designed for clinical or organisational services.


  • Fully Furnished and Fitted with all technology support systems including Wireless broadband internet with free email use, eftpos to each room, local telephone calls, after hours security with intercom etc.
  • Daily to weekly availability. 
  • Fees all inclusive.
  • Green footprint with energy efficient systems. 
  • Excellent public transport.

03 9823 1100


Room for Lease at the Holistic Health Centre

A room is now available at the Holistic Health Centre in Brisbane:


·         Centre operating 7 days (Mon-Fri to 9pm, Sat-Sun to 6pm)

·         Part or Full time (choose your hours)

·         Full reception and account management services available

·         Online exposure on the centre web site (

·         We allow only one counsellor at each centre

·         Busy and central location


For further details call Adam Hovav on 0414 400 022 or


Excellent Opportunity!


Counsellor wanted to share clinic space in a beautiful clinic setting at Bulimba, Brisbane. We are in a perfect location just 20m off Oxford St. We are 2 practitioners (Acupuncturist and Homeopath) in a 2 room Clinic. One of the rooms is available most of the time during the week including Saturdays.


Rates are as follows:


$60/ week (min) for up to 5 hours ($12/hour over); or

$100/week for 10 hours


Would suit counsellor who has own clientele but needs flexibility of days and hours.


Please call Claire Eckert on 3399 5337 or Phoebe Williams on 3399 5330 if you are interested in more information.


Professional Consulting Rooms to Let


There is currently a room to rent in a tranquil urban retreat. The size of this room is 3 X 4 metres. It is in a great location in Hawthorne and is set up for counselling. This room is available immediately. Please phone Clare on 0414 793 500.


Consultation Rooms - Ripponlea


Consultation rooms in established child and adolescent psych practice. Suit consulting, therapy all types. Bright, comfortable rooms adjacent Ripponlea Station. Flexible arrangements. Contact Rajes Harper - Ph: 9523 7345; Mobile: 0422 516 348; or email:


Rooms Available for Rent in Busy Richmond Clinic


2 x Consultation rooms of approx 10m²


Newly renovated with polished floor boards and freshly painted - all rooms are bright and light filled with large windows.


BodyActive is a multidisciplinary clinic established over 10 year ago.

Situated in a prime location on a busy Richmond corner.


To register your interest or make enquirers please contact Sally or Paul on

9427 8848 or visit us at 


Eastbourne Professional Suites


Beautifully renovated serviced consulting rooms are available part-time and full-time with a large independent group of practitioners.


Located at a prestigious East Melbourne address, Eastbourne offers a collegial environment with high quality fit-outs, high-speed wireless internet and sound proofed partitioned offices all with natural light.


Large, medium and small rooms are available.


Eastbourne is located close to public transport - only 100m to Jolimont Station and Trams 75 and 48 atg the door. Walking distance to CBD and the MCG. Local parking available and great coffee shops are right next door.


Contact: Robert - 0433 321 123

Positions Vacant

Case Manager / Counsellor

Personal Support Program (PSP)



Centacare Employment Group through our PSP program, delivers Counselling based services to a diverse range of people throughout SE Qld. The Group offers the opportunity for professional and committed individuals to provide assistance to clients with barriers to employment.

Applicants should have recognised tertiary qualifications in a field such as Counselling, Psychology or Social Welfare

Selection criteria:


  • Have experience in counselling and providing community based support to clients
  • Be a team player and have excellent communication and networking skills
  • Be able to develop realistic action plans to assist clients to address both vocational and non-vocational barriers
  • Have strong administrative skills
  • Ability to work within a Catholic ethos and a commitment to Catholic Social Teachings

Send your expression of interest with a comprehensive resume to:

Pat Casey
Centacare Employment Group
PO Box 163
Stones Corner Qld 4120

or Email:


The Brain Injury Centre


We are seeking qualified counsellors who can assist people through the counselling process with the behavioural and cognitive after effects of a traumatic brain injury such as:


Severe depression and or panic and anxiety attacks

Low self esteem

Mood swings

Uncontrollable emotional outbursts

Irritability, agitation and unexplained anger

Improper social communications

Anti social behaviour

Sexual dysfunction

Denial of changes

Delusional, paranoia, excessive compulsive disorders

Post traumatic stress disorder

Simple problem solving issues

Short term memory problems

Concentration problems

Lack of ability to cope with decision making


The annual Australian incident rate of brain injury from accident or trauma is estimated at approximately 135,00 people per year and as such there is a growing need for individuals seeking counselling services. See


The Brain Injury Centre website receives on average over 3,000 visits per month

Our statistics demonstrate the visitors to our site are seeking alternative therapies as a secondary solution to the bio medical model.


We are pleased to offer members of the Australian Counselling Association an individual page promoting your services to the public Australia wide. This is a free listing for 12 months from the 31st of January 2008.


Details of the listing include business name and logo (size  of graphic to be discussed if the offer is accepted), a short description of services offered, contact details, address, website and email details. (please see

as a sample)


If this offer is accepted there is no obligation to continue after the 12 month period has expired. However, a nominal fee will be charged after the 31st January 2009.


Christian King, Brian injury Centre Director, would be happy to take any enquiries on 043 827 1522 or via email to

Positions Sought

Internship sought


I am Esther Yesudas, 18 years old, starting my undergraduate studies in psychology at Griffith University (Gold Coast, QLD) in February, wishing to have some practical insight on a counselling / psychological area as an intern or volunteer.


This would not only strongly support my choice of subjects, but also provide me with knowledge about the daily aspects of one psychological work area thus giving me a direction for my vocational future.


In the past I have done many internships and a lot of volunteer work and have always committed myself to it whole-heartedly. I am a quick learner willing to develop my skills as far as possible and always try to be of help wherever I can.


I am looking for a position anywhere from now until February on a part- or full-time basis; possibly from February onwards an opportunity to come in on weekends or throughout the week depending on my university schedule.


My contact details are:

Cell phone: 0401 843375

My address is: 2-5 Tanias Place

                      Labrador 4125

My email:


Student Placement Sought


Mature female counselling student looking for a placement opportunity evenings or weekends.  I am currently enrolled in the Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling at UNE and have former work experience and qualifications in Health and Adult Education. 


My Professional Indemnity cover is supplied by the University; a Brisbane based supervisor is funded by me.  If you are able to help my name is Leonie Power and I can be contacted on 0424 085 850 or emailed at 


Student Placement Sought


3rd year psychology student + enrolled in counselling diploma looking for work experience. Extremely hard-working and enthusiastic. Situated south Brisbane. Contact : 0401 184 717


Work Placement Sought


I am a Masters student at Monash University at the Clayton campus in Melbourne. I have completed all theory work and am interested in pursuing C.B.T as my preferred choice of therapy.


Therefore I need to complete 280 hours of work placement to complete my course (200 admin and 80 client contact hours). So if there is anyone who takes work placement students can contact me on 0419 009 067, or by email at 

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