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From CEO's Desk

This has been another big month for ACA with membership building to 3500 members and still growing. With the continued growth of the association we have been faced with many challenges in relation to meeting member’s needs and balancing these with industry needs. One major change that has been made to meet industry demand is a significant upgrading of course training content and delivery. The new ACA training standards which come into effect on 1st of July 2010 will require many training providers to make significant changes to their curriculums and how they deliver counsellor training.


Although these changes may bring some hardship to training providers they will ensure the future of the industry by ensuring training standards are high and meet expectations of employers and government. A consequence of these changes will be several courses that in the past met ACA standards will no longer be acceptable for membership. These changes although painful will ensure ACA maintains the integrity of counsellor training and importantly ACA registered counsellors remain in line with government, industry and consumer expectations. 


I would also like to congratulate ACA’s newest Fellow, ACA has bestowed a Fellowship on Mr Adrian Hellwig for his 10 years of dedicated service to ACA. Adrian has been the permanent chair of our complaints committee since 2000 and took part in the formation of Asia Pacific Rim Confederation of Counsellors in 2006 he is also the current President of Clinical Counsellors Association Inc. Well done Adrian.


ACA’s policy paper that will be handed to the Minister for Health and Ageing is still a work on progress and will not be ready for at least another month. This paper will set the scene for our lobbying strategy for the up and coming election. We are also working hard on the changeover of our infrastructure which should have minimal impact on the membership but will certainly ensure everyone here at the National Office is working very hard. The website for the joint ACA/NZAC conference in Sept/Nov will up in the next few days, we will send a link to all members once it is ready.


I will be away from the office presenting at the University of Southern Queensland Rural Conference from 11th to 18th of April so please do not send any urgent emails to me during that time as it is unlikely I will be able to respond. I will also be in Melbourne on the 24th of April running the Private Practice workshop which is sold out. I will also be running a similar workshop in Sydney and Hobart so if Melbourne is an indication please get you registrations in sooner rather than later. I believe quite a few of our members in Victoria have been disappointed due to the sell out and leaving their registrations till too late.


Till next month



The Editor

Hi everyone!


I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter holiday, time sure does fly! We have been super busy this month, with so much happening.


The June transition into ACA Inc is just around the corner, everyone should be keeping an eye out on their renewals in the mail. The latest issue of Counselling Australia will be sent out to our journal subscribers this month.


We hope you all have a fantastic April!



Workshops & Conferences

The Mind, the Brain, Therapy and You


Unique and enlightening workshop for everyone who treats people who have brains!


This workshop is an in depth look based on the presentation made to the Milton Erickson foundation and the ACA/PACFA National Conference


Facilitated by psychotherapist, Richard Hill, who is personally mentored by the esteemed Ernest Rossi PhD, this workshop covers the cutting edge of knowledge about the neuroscience of psychotherapy. Strongly aligned with the Interpersonal Neurobiology field led by Dr Daniel Siegel, Richard is a member of the Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies (GAINS) and deeply understands the process of integrating knowledge to create meaning and relevance on many levels.


New techniques are demonstrated and taught including Ernest Rossi’s “Mirror Hand” protocol and Richard’s own ‘Arbitrary Mind Maps”. You will be given very practical tools to add to your practice as well as new knowledge that will add weight and relevance to whatever practices and techniques you use.


You will find feedback from previous workshops as well as copious amounts of reference material at the website, (take the psychotherapy door) and video examples. You can register online or post or phone.


This workshop will help bridge the gap of knowledge that has allowed us to be one of the few professions who are not formally required to know anything about the organ we treat! Becoming ‘brain-wise therapists’ (Baddenoch) does not negate what you already know, it enhances and amplifies. The wonders of the brain and mind are truly amazing.


Topics covered include the integration of therapies and theories such as Positive Psychology, Self Efficacy, Self Determination, Flow, Polyvagal Theory, Social Neuroscience and more. New techniques will be taught and new measuring scales described to assist clients find integration and create beneficial change in their lives. You may learn a few things for yourself as well. Limited to 20 participants.


Date - Location:

April 24/25 - Canberra

May 1/2 - Sydney                                           

(If you would like this workshop in your location then email your interest and location to )



Early Bird: $295 – Canberra, March 22nd; Sydney, April 14th

Full Price: $350

(Payments will not be processed until 3 days before the event, so please book early. First we want your commitment.)

Cheques and money orders can be sent to the address below. Secure credit card facilities are online (not automatically processed) or post/phone your details.


Running Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm both days

ACA/PACFA: 12 points


Telephone: 0414 585 903

Address: PO Box 124, Gordon NSW 2072

Booking online: 


Workshops at MacKwood Life


Kathleen Mooney us running 4 workshops on Counselling children in 2010: 

Sandplay and Sandtray

April 29th – 30th

Children and Frendship

May 28th

Counselling Children using Art and Craft

July 30th

Counselling Children in Grief and Loss

August 27th


Participants of these workshops have always left feeling that they have new strategies and techniques to use when working with Children.


For more information regarding these workshops please see website:


Ayurveda Lifestyle Course


Service-Plants conducts a variety of workshops and intensive programs to provide individuals with a greater understanding of Ayurvedic philosophy and practical measures for integrating this ancient wisdom into a modern setting.


Ayurveda embraces the knowledge of life through vision, ideas or intuitive experiences. Acceptance of this knowledge allows us to develop a closer connection to nature and the balance of vata, pitta and kapha doshas. When in balance these doshas enable us to maintain health and harmony with our own being and in our expression and interaction with the world around us. Learn how to determine individual constitutions accurately and methods for rebalancing the doshas with nutrition, herbs and counselling aimed at the particular dosha. This program equips the learner with a comprehensive overview of the philosophy, principles and healing modalities of Ayurveda.




10 th May



11th May



14th May



17th May



18th May



Investment: $700 earlybird ($770 after April 15)


Teacher: Kumudini Shoba - Ayurveda practitioner and teacher with over 20 years of experience has lectured extensively on Ayurveda Healh in the USA, Europe and Australia. 

Also available for private consulations - 0422 511 782 for bookings.


Venue: Emotional Harmony Yoga Studio - Burwood, Victoria, 3151.


You can book directly online at

Or contact Erika on (03) 9802 9510




Monica O’Kelly & Associates Pty Ltd 

ABN 41 006 817 714 


Training 2010


Our four-day training programs aim to teach and consolidate principles of cognitive behaviour therapy with an emphasis on skills development.  Courses are suitable for the beginner or those wishing to refresh their skills. Workshops are conducted by local and overseas experts in the field of cognitive behaviour therapy. 


Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Presented by Dr Monica O’Kelly & Dr Dominic DiMattia


  • Sydney 8 – 11 April  Sancta Sophia College, Missenden Rd, Camperdown 2050
  • Cairns 12 – 15 April  Mercy Centre, 35 Bauhinia Ave, Earlville 4870
  • Perth 12 – 15 May  The Boulevard Centre, 99 The Boulevard, Floreat 6014
  • Toowoomba 20 – 23 May  Grammar Views, 39 Margaret Street, Toowoomba 4350


The Primary Certificate in Rational Emotive Therapy bridging program is offered at these workshops on the second evening, from 5 – 8 pm: Cost $88 (cost includes GST)


Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Children & Adolescents

Presented by Dr Dominic DiMattia & Dr Ann Vernon


  • Melbourne 27 – 30 April  Holmesglen Conference Centre, Holmesglen 3148
  • Sydney 1 – 4 May  Sancta Sophia College, Missenden Rd, Camperdown 2050
  • Brisbane 5 – 8 May  Riverglenn, 70 Kate Street, Indooroopilly 4068


Cost for all workshops $1199 (GST inclusive) 

Cost includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch.  Prescribed reading, also included in the course cost, is a new book by Dr M O’Kelly: ‘CBT in Action: A practitioner’s tool kit’.

Early bird discounts are available.


Monica O’Kelly & Associates Pty Ltd trading as

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Australia


For further information and detailed workshop outlines, discounts applicable and a registration form, go to: or phone 03 9796 9300


The Centre for Existential Practice

announces the forthcoming visit of Professor Ernesto Spinelli


Professor Ernesto Spinelli is a UKCP registered existential psychotherapist, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) as well as an accredited executive coach and supervisor. His workshops, seminars and writings have earned him an international reputation as an innovative theoretician and practitioner in contemporary existential psychotherapy and psychology.


Ernesto is one of the leading contemporary trainers and theorists of existential analysis as applied to psychology, psychotherapy and supervision, and more recently, the related arenas of coaching. His book "The Interpreted World" is required reading on various executive coaching and facilitation programs both in the UK and internationally.


Ernesto will be visiting Perth, Melbourne and Sydney offering:


  • 2 day workshop: “Uncertainty - exploring our responses to an unpredictable world” (12 PD Points)
  • 1 day of Supervision (6 PD Points)
  • 1 day Coaching from an existential perspective (6 PD Points)



2 day workshop on Tuesday & Wednesday 9 and 10 November 2010



2 day workshop on Saturday & Sunday 13 and 14 November 2010

1 day Supervision on Tuesday 16 November 2010

1 day Coaching on Wednesday 17 November 2010

The APS College of Counselling Psychologistsis co-presenter of the Melbourne event



2 day workshop on Friday & Saturday 19 and 20 November 2010

1 day Supervision on Sunday 21 November 2010  


Times: 9:30am-5:00pm with registration at 9:00am. Please note the starting time for the Melbourne Coaching workshop is 10am (registration at 9.30am) to allow for those arriving from interstate.


Morning, afternoon tea and lunch will be served.


Registration now open:

Spaces are strictly limited


For further information please contact 0431 401 659 or email





The practices of Narrative Therapy transport a person from being a “problem person” to a person who has a relationship to a problem – a relationship that can be changed.  The process of externalising the problem is invigorating for the questioner and empowering for the questioned. The well-known practice of “externalising” and the “thickening of unique outcomes” will be explained and demonstrated.


WHERE: 15 Cambridge Street, West Leederville

WHEN: Thursday & Friday 29/30 April 2010-03-25

TIME: 9.30AM – 4.30PM

COST: $330

CONTACT: (08) 9489 6322 for booking         


Dr Michael Yapko heads the Australian Hypnotherapy Conference in Sydney 3-4 July 2010!


This Conference brings together 16 inspiring speakers to entertain and enlighten. Dr Michael Yapko, author of the recently published Depression is Contagious, is one of the world’s leading Hypnotherapists, will be our keynote speaker for this one time event. Michael’s contribution to the field of psychotherapy is well documented. He is the author of 10 books, several papers, and the recipient of numerous awards.


Conference delegates will be treated to a host of models, ranging from Hypnosis, Neuro Science, Solution Oriented Approaches, Human Givens and Family Therapy, as well as speakers who can show you how to market your practice! You will be able to attend short high impact presentations, practical skill based workshops, Q & A with an expert panel, and 2 keynote addresses from the master himself, Dr. Michael Yapko. Michael will also provide a post conference workshop called  ‘‘Designing and Delivering Hypnotic Interventions’’ on the 5th & 6th July at the same venue. This is an advanced hypnosis course and is open only to those with direct experience in the field.


The conference has been designed to promote interdisciplinary dialogue, as well as personal and professional development. Our aim is to bring together many modalities including the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, as well as cutting edge approaches now making their mark in the therapeutic landscape.


This is a watershed event. No matter who you are, or your level of experience in the field, there is something here for you.   If you are passionate about what you do, and are keen to learn more, then join us for this unique opportunity!


The ACA is an endorsing body and as such as ACA members have access to discounted tickets. For more information please contact the ASCH 1300 851 176, or visit our website for more information .




Saturday 26 June 9am - 4pm

At the picturesque Adelaide Oval (Langley Room)




Rin Minniti (DASSA Senior Clinical Psychologist ):

Working with drug and alcohol clients


Rin Minniti, Registered Clinical Psychologist

Head, Psychological Services in DASSA, beginning 26 years ago. Duties include individual case load of clients with complex issues; research; teaching at tertiary institutions and SA health services as well as Non-government agencies; consultancy and supervision of DASSA and SA Health staff and post graduate psychology students; Published articles in peer reviewed journals. Presentations at state, national and international conferences; Academic status at Flinders and Adelaide University’.


Rin’s session will aim to:

  • Discuss community perceptions of AOD use related problems – historical perspective how does this impact on your role as a counsellor?
  • Provide information regarding the common drugs of abuse/dependence you may come across in your role as a counsellor.
  • Develop an understanding of when alcohol and other drug use, including prescribed medication, becomes problematic within the therapeutic context.
  • Present strategies that will enhance participants’ ability to detect problematic alcohol and other drug use, including prescribed drugs of dependence such as benzodiazepines (tranquilizers and opioid analgesics.
  • Client’s goal re: AOD use – Abstinence? Control? Both? Ambivalent?
  • Readiness to change – factors that influence readiness to change motivation. Abilities/resources needed to effect change.
  • Strategies to respond to problematic alcohol and other drug use: - what can you do? Your level of confidence/competence in responding as a counsellor?
  • Community resources.

Chapter Meeting & Group Supervision

Queensland Group Supervision

2010 Chapter Meetings for Counsellors and Students

FPCQ chapters meet monthly or bi-monthly, and are a great way to keep updated with industry developments, discuss issues affecting the counselling profession, network with other counsellors and have supervision for cost of a gold coin.



Day: Every Second Saturday of every month

Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm

Venue: Edinburgh Castle Hotel

            Cnr Gympie Road & mermaid Street, Chermside

Cost: $5 donation to cover venue hire and morning tea

Contact: Catherine Dodemont on (07) 3356 4937

Or Email:


April 10 - Group

May   8 - Speaker

June 12 - Group Supervision

July 10 - Speaker

August 14 - Group Supervision

September 11 - Annual General Meeting (before AGM)

October 9 - Speaker

November 13 - Group Supervision & Year End Lunch


Sunshine Coast: To Be Confirmed

Day: Every Fourth Friday of every Month

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Venue: Trinity Healing Centre, 18 Columbia Street, Sippy Downs, Maroochydore

Contact: Cameron Covey on (07) 5442 7107 or David Kliese on 5476 8122

Or Email:


April 23 - Chapter Meeting

May 28 - Chapter Meeting

June 25 - Chapter Meeting

July  23 - Chapter Meeting

August 27 - Chapter Meeting

September 24 - Chapter Meeting

October 23 - Chapter Meeting  

November 26 - Chapter Meeting


FPCQ Board Meeting Dates First Monday Bi-monthly

Time: 9:30am – 11:30am

Venue: Clinical Counselling Centre, Cnr Thomas & Carberry Streets, Grange

Contact: Catherine Dodemont on (07) 3356 4937

Or Email:


Monday April 12

Monday May 10

Monday July 5

Monday September 6

Monday October 4

Monday November 1


Chapter Meetings for New South Wales (Sydney)

Day: Saturday

Dates: 10/04/2010

Time: 12:30pm

Venue: Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club, 117 Ryedale Road, West Ryde, NSW 2114

Cost: $10.00 including refreshments

Contact: Lorraine A. Dailey on (02) 4566 8368 or 0416 081 882


Western Sydney Chapter Meeting Schedule

Day: Saturday

Dates for 2010:

May 29th

July 31st

September 25th

November 27th


Venue: The Penrith Bowling Club.  Corner of Woodriff St. and Derby St. Penrith



1:00pm. Every one is welcome to attend and also stay after the meeting to network with other counsellors.


Fee: $10 which includes tea and coffee.

Contact: Pamela Hoy



Central Coast Chapter - New ACA Chapter Formed

Meeting Dates for 2010:

10th April

5th June

7th August

9th October

4th December


Venue: Baptist Church, Cnr. The Entrance & Carlton Rds, Erina.

Cost: $10.00 per person (Morning Tea provided)

Contacts: Brian Edwards (President - 0412 912 288) or Rose Quigley (Secretary - 0407 786 431)

P.S. An e-mail confirming your attendance would be appreciated; this will assist us for catering purposes - thanks!


Counselling Supervision is available at each meeting by the very experienced counsellor, Brian Edwards. There will also be Guest Presenters in 2010. So come along to gain Supervision and OPD points required by the ACA; also meet and network with other Counsellors.


For further details contact: Cliff Parker (Publicity Officer)



Hunter Valley Chapter Meeting & Group Supervision


TIME: 2:00pm to 6:00pm on Mondays see dates below.

Supervision 2.00pm to 3.30pm

then presentation 3.30pm to 5.00pm

then business meeting etc 5.00pm to 6.00pm




19/04/10  Jennifer Richards - Professional Psychotherapist – Presenting “Effective Note taking and Case History making during clinical practice”

21/06/10  Neil Harris - Couples Counselling.

16/08/10  Danny Lewis - Tapping therapy/ Mind body connections.

18/10/10  Emma Crowther- Inner Child.

13/12/10  Christmas meeting.


Day: Monday  

Venue: Carrington Community Centre Cnr. Young and Hargraves Streets Carrington

Cost: $10.00 for ACA members to cover cost of venue and beverages and presenters

$15.00 for Non- ACA members for Presentations only.

Free to students


Contact emails: any enquiries please forward your emails to Steve Tsousis (Secretary - Vice) on  or 0402 525 164 and or Grahame Smith (President)


Victoria Chapter Meeting

Invitation to all Victoria ACA members to become a member of our Association


Benefits of FVC membership:

     ·       PDP (Professional Development Programs)

·       Supervision by ACA registered supervisors

·       Networking with peers

·       Workshops, conferences and seminars (at member's rates)

·       Bi-Monthly e-Bulletin

·       Professional recognition

·       A voice and strength in advocacy

·       Counsellor directory listing

·       Advertising at reduced rates

·       Monthly meetings

·       Membership certificate



FVC membership consists of three levels: Fellowship, Full Member and Student Member.


Members meet the standards and criteria as laid down by the association for full and student membership and are currently financial members of the Australian Counselling Association prior to being eligible for FVC membership. All members subscribe to the objects, code of conduct and ethics of the ACA and FVC.



Application for membership must be in writing, signed by the applicant on the prescribed application form available at It must include details of the applicant’s supervisor, or if applying for student membership, details of the course (s) being undertaken and details of the approved training body.


Full membership: $50

Student: $40.

Each member will receive a membership certificate, which should be displayed in a place of easy viewing and access by the public/clients when practicing as a counsellor with membership to the association.


Monthly meetings are held at three locations:

Melbourne Central, on the second Saturday 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Ferntree Gully, on the fourth Saturday 1:00pm to 4:00pm, and

Albury, on the first Monday 1:30pm to 4:00pm.

Maffra bi-monthly, on last Monday 9:00am to 11:00am


Cost: FVC Full members $5, student members $2, visitors $10, non-ACA students $5.


Please visit any meeting as a visitor [free] to check us out; we look forward to sharing our journey with you.


President Barbara Matheson Email:

FVC postal address: 30 Tinks Road Narre Warren Vic 3805.

Ph: 03 9703 2920 or 0412977553


Chapter Meetings for Tasmania

Counselling Tasmania Inc


Day: Monthly Business Meeting every third Friday of each month

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: Suite 8, Weeroona House, 326 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart, TAS, 7000

Cost: Nil

Contact: Berry Dunston (Chairman) on 0419 011 239 or Deborah Townrow (Secretary) on 0427 550 696


Chapter Meetings for ACT

ACT Chapter Meeting & Peer Support


The Australian Counselling Association ACT Chapter meets for peer support on:

Day: Last Tuesday of Every Month

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Venue: Bobbi Cooks Office, Cook Shopping Centre, Cook Place, Cook ACT 2615

Cost: $10.00

Contact: Bobbi Cook Vice President on (03) 6253 3116

Or email:


Chapter Meetings for Western Australian

Professional Counsellors Association of WA (PCAWA) – Perth


Meetings will consist of Professional Development and/or Group Supervision.

Day: Mondays & Saturdays



10th April

9.30am - 11.00am


3rd May

5.30pm - 7.00pm


12th June

9.30am - 11.00am


5th July

5.30pm - 7.00pm


7th August

9.30am - 11.00am


6th September

5.30pm - 700pm


2nd October

9.30am - 1.00am


1st November

5.30pm - .00pm


Training & Development

Certificate IV in Counselling Supervision (69828)

Nationally Accredited Training


The Certificate IV in Counselling Supervision is a self-directed learning program for experienced counsellors interested in supervising other counsellors.


Graduates from the course are awarded the qualification, the (69828) Certificate IV in Counselling Supervision; this is a Nationally Recognised Accredited Training in Australia.


Graduates will be able to competently and confidently practice as counselling supervisors of novices, interns, and qualified counsellors, individually and in groups (Types I, II, III, & IV), in a variety of employment settings in both Government and Non-Government sectors as well as private practice.


The course is delivered in 4-different learning modes: Distance Learning Mode, Workplace Learning Mode, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), and Workshop Learning Mode (public workshop delivery and IN HOUSE on request by Organizations)


2010 Workshop Time Table







Closing Dates

(Enrolments & Payments)


15th – 20th


23rd Jan




24th April


20th – 26th


31st July


22nd – 27th


27th Sept


For further inquiries, please contact Veronika

Tel: 03 9772 1940

Or Email: 

Or Website:


Gain Specialty Counselling Expertise

With A Vocational Graduate Qualification. In Just 6 to 12 Months!


More and more Counsellors are gaining advanced specialist skills with a Vocational Graduate qualification. A vocational graduate qualification gives you advanced theoretical knowledge with an emphasis on practical application. It's time and cost effective, meaning you can gain a formal graduate qualification in 6 to 12 months in your specialist area.


Here's how a graduate qualification can advance your career:


·       Develop a deeper understanding of your area of interest and achieve more optional outcomes with your clients.

·       A graduate qualification will assist you move up the corporate ladder from practitioner to manager/supervisor.

·       Make the shift from being a generalist practitioner to a specialist.

·       Gain greater professional recognition from your peers.

·       Increased client referrals from allied health professionals.

·       Maximise job opportunities in your preferred speciality areas.

·       Formalise years of specialist experience with a respected qualification.


To learn more about the institute, our Vocational Graduate courses and how to enroll, please visit . Or alternatively, please call your nearest Institute branch on the Free Call numbers listed below.


Sydney: 1800 677 697

Melbourne: 1800 622 489

Perth: 1800 246 381

Brisbane: 1800 353 643

Adelaide: 1800 246 324

Regional NSW: 1800 625 329

Regional QLD: 1800 359 565

Gold Coast: 1800 625 329

NT/Tasmania: 1800 353 643


Expand Your Qualifications with Australia's Most Cost Effective and Flexible Bachelor of Counselling


The Bachelor of Counselling is a careful blend of theory and practical application. Theory is learnt through user-friendly learning materials that have been carefully designed to make your studies as accessible and conductive to learning as possible.


The course and its subjects are structured to progressively develop your knowledge and skills from foundational theoretical concepts through to more complex concepts and advanced skills and applications.


·       Save up to $16,000.00 on your qualification.

·       Get started for as little as $1,100.

·       Be supported by a large team of highly-qualified professionals.

·       Learn externally with intimate personal support.

·       Attend Residential Schools to hone your practical skills and network with other students.


On completion, you will.


·       The capacity to apply counselling theory and skills in an intentional and mindful manner.

·       The ability to evaluate and apply a variety of counselling models according to the needs of your client.

·       The ability to analyze counselling issues with consideration to broader social and cultural perspectives

·       And will be equipped to make a natural transition into the role of a Counsellor.


To learn more, please visit The institute is accredited as a non-university Higher Educational Provider. The Bachelor of Counselling is accredited by the Minister of Education and Training, the accrediting authority under the Higher Education (General Provisions) Act 2003.


Imagine Investing Just $0.88 A Day To Access Premium Quality Professional Development Courses And Videos.


Mental Health Academy's Unlimited Access membership gives you access to over 55 courses; over 100 hours of quality training; as well as access to all newly developed courses.


What do you normally pay for a professional development workshop? $150? $350? Well now, with MHA's Unlimited Access membership you have access to over 55 training programs for under $1 a day!


As an Unlimited user you can:


·       Subscribe to as many courses as you want, with just one click.

·       Access exclusive video workshops.

·       Fast-track your professional development.

·       Easily meet your professional OPD requirements.

·       Save $$$ with our monthly or annual payment options.

·       Manage all your OPD training needs from a single location.

·       Access to Life Skills Audios and Case Studies.


Courses are between 1 to 3 hours duration; are developed by a team of highly qualified professionals; can be completed progressively; and are recognized by the Australian Counselling Association for Ongoing Professional Development.


To start your unlimited access membership with Mental Health Academy, visit their website today:

Job Position Available

Hunter Valley Grammar School




Hunter Valley Grammar School seeks to appoint a Head of Student Services with general responsibility to co-ordinate services to ensure the school meets the needs of the HVGS student in three basic domains: academic development, career development, and personal/social development with an emphasis on learning access and equity.


Duty statement


The Head of Student Services is responsible for:


  • collaborating with teachers, parents, and school personnel to create a safe, healthy, and supportive learning environment for all students


  • co-ordinating a range of services that: address students' learning and behavioral problems, works with teachers to develop classroom management strategies and with parents for parenting techniques, evaluate students with disabilities and gifted and talented students to help determine the best way to educate them, and for the efficacy of the Individual Education Programs (IEPs) for students as required


  • co-ordinating specialist services to improve teaching, learning, and socialisation based on their understanding of the psychology of learning environments. They will also evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs, prevention programs, behavior management procedures, and other services provided by the school.


  • co-ordinating the work of the following employees/groups: psychologist, individual needs teachers and individual needs assistant, and will need to liaise thoughtfully with the school careers counsellor.


  • ensuring a co-ordinated and effective approach to the provision of student specialist services, including co-ordinating consulting services external to the school, inc psychological and psycho educational assessments.


  • ensuring that the school’s specialist services address the educational, emotional, social, and behavioral challenges that many children, youth, and young adults experience.


It is important to note, the HoSS is not to be involved in 1-1 counselling on a routine basis, 1-1 counselling is to be referred to outside agencies.  The HoSS may use group counselling however, to better utilise time and resources


In addition to the above, specific responsibilities extend to:


  • small group counselling and whole class interventions.  


  • liaison with teachers to identify students requiring further assessment or intervention.


  • liaison with the range of specialist consulting services including referrals


  • parent liaison: involving telephone and face to face contact with parents, requiring recollection or sourcing of specific information related to current students.


  • development and implementation of programs aimed at proactively addressing areas such as self esteem, problem solving and building friendships.


Details can be found on our website