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Title: Changing Behaviour - Behaviour Strategies to Increase Positive Behaviours - Coffs Harbour
Type of Activity: Workshops & Seminars
Objective of Course / Workshop: Many people are using unwanted behaviours but really don’t want to be ... they simply do not know what new positive behaviours to use instead. Using desired behaviours is a skill; a skill that often needs to be taught and not expected that people know how to do automatically ... just like learning to read or driving a car; we all need the opportunity to learn new skills! People frequently use unwanted behaviours in response to challenges they are experiencing & currently do not know how to respond to this same experience by using desired behaviours. Whether it be a 3-year-old or a 60-year-old; we all have used unwanted behaviours at some time, and will again in the future unless we are taught to respond differently. If we want to see new positive behaviours, we must teach what we want to see!
Course / Workshop Outline: Module 1 Understanding Behaviour 1 10 Behaviour Assumptions 2 Anxiety and behavioural deterioration 3 Sequence and Functions of Behaviour 4 Identifying when intervention is required (Behaviour scale) Module 2 1 Types of Behavioural Interventions 2 Punishment vs. Reinforcement 3 Alternative Appropriate Behaviours i Behaviour rating scale ii I choose charts iii Get the facts before I respond iv Can I change or control this situation? Module 3 1 Creating Predictability and a sense of purpose > Visual Schedules > Task breakdwon templates > Task Analysis 2 Token Economy Module 4 1 Expressive communication 2 Social skills 3 Relaxation strategies 4 Summary
Duration (hrs): 6
Course / Workshop content: This course will support people to firstly understand why people use certain behaviours and with this information influence positive behaviour change in self or other people. Attending this unique and hands on workshop will provide you with a new and innovative experience in the application of individualised behavioural strategies. Use of real case examples and the opportunity to practice learned strategies throughout the workshop allows for a true understanding that can be integrated into your every-day-life. The focus of this workshop will be on learning skills-building behaviour strategies (teaching new positive behaviours) and preventative strategies as opposed to reactive strategies (only responding once the unwanted behaviours have occurred).
Start Date: 31/08/2012
Start Time 08:30:00
End Time 16:00:00
End Date: 00/00/0000

Presenter / Provider Details

Presenter / Provider: Tan Curtis
Qualifications: Behaviour Specialist and Facilitator
Experience: Tan is the Managing Director and Founder of Fabic (established in 2006). Tan’s professional qualifications include a: Maste of Behaviour Management; Master of Counselling; Bachelor of Health Science (Behaviour Management) and an Associate Diploma of Education. Tan has extensive clinical experience working with people using a diversity of unwanted behaviours including but not limited to high functioning adults with some unwanted behaviours; mental health diagnosis; developmental disabilities; intellectual impairments and any children, adolescents and adults using behaviours they would lik to change. Tan consults for schools, mental health departments, government agencies working with behaviour, justice departmen disability services, rehabilitation centres & medical facilities working with behaviour. Courses developed by Tan are based on extensive clinical experience at Fabic & hav been designed to be practical, user friendly and immediately beneficial when you return to your home and/or work setting. Tan is the author of “Challenging Change... behaviour strategies for life”; a helpful tool to support all people to understand and change behaviour for self or other people.

Venue Details

Address: CEX Coffs Harbour
Address 2: Vernon Street
Suburb: Coffs Harbour
State: NSW
Postcode: 2450
Website: http://www.fabic.com.au/assets/images/workshops2012/31.08.12_CoffsH_ChangingBehaviour.pdf
Parking: Street
Is there disability parking and entry?
Are meals included with this event? Yes
If yes, what meals? Morning / Afternoon Tea

Registration Details

Registration process: : Please fill in the registration form (page 3) on the webstie and return by fax, email or post.
Cost ($): $198 pp
Cost Description (if applicable): Full Price: $198 per person Early Bird – Paying before 29.07.12> Single booking – $176 > $165 per person for group bookings (2 or more people) (ALL bookings $198 single or multiple after Early bird discount date) HCWA Helping Children With Autism package price $550. HCWA price includes 2x50min follow-up Skype, phone or face-to-face consultation with a Fabic behaviour specialist consultant to individualise course material to your family situation.(All prices are inclusive of GST. Cancellation Policy Applies. ALL payments to be finalised prior to workshop)
Contact Name: Amanda Fullarton
Contact Phone: 55305099
Contact Email: info@fabic.com.au

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